Transcription 1

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When does squelching occur?When 1 transcirption factor is overexpressed it interferes with the activity of anoth- suggsting they compete over a limiting factor which is not GTFs or Pol
What is the PolII holoenzyme?Contains Mediater Swi/Snf and numourous TFs- erroneous hypothesis for transcritpion activation
How are mutliple regulatory signalls processed and transimitted Through Mediatior
What made mediator difficult to find?Sub units were determined from disprate screens. mediator deficiency cna both ativate and repress transcription
What roles do GTFs serve?They recognise, melt and enable escape form the promoter. Also req for abortative initation cycles prior to escape
What structural insights about Mediator do we have?It is cresent shaped, amd unfolds to wrap aroun PolII in both yeast and mammals
How man genes depend on mediator to the same extent as PolII5000 genes det from srb4 ts mutant
What complicates study of transcritpion in vitro?What is truly a basal rate