Traits, Genes, and Alleles

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Genes encode proteins that produce a diverse range of traits. Every diploid organsim has two alleles for each gene- one from the mother, one from the father.
These two alleles may be the same (homozygous) or different (heterozygous). One allele may be dominant over another.


Question Answer
Genepiece of DNA providing a set of instruction to a cell making a certain protein
Allelealternative forms of a gene that may occur at a specific locus
Homozgousdescribes two of the same alleles at a specific locus
Heterozygousdescribes two different alleles at a specific locus
Genomeall of an organisms genetic material
Genotypethe genetic makeup of a specific set of genes
Phenotypethe traits of an individual
Dominant alleleexpressed when two different or two dominant alleles are present
Recessive alleleexpressed only when two copies are present

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