Traits and Probability

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The inheritance of traits follows the rules of probability. Punnet squares are a grid system for predicting all possible genotypes resulting
from a cross. When Mendel performed two-trait crosses, he discovered that different traits appear to be inherited separatly- the Law of
Independent Assortment. The patterns of inheritance that he observed can be predicted by using mathematical probablilties.


Question Answer
Punnett Squaregrid system for predicting all possible genotype from a cross
Monohybrid Crossescrosses examining inheritance of only one specific trait
Testcrosscross of an organism with an unknown genotype and an organism with the recessive phenotype
Dihybrid Crossescrosses examining inheritance of two different traits
Law of Independent Assortmentallele pairs separate independently of each other during gamete formation, or meiosis
Probabilitylikelihood that a particular event will happen
Probability Equation# ways a specific event can occur/# of total possible outcomes

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