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greenish salivation with nasal discharge vomiting (2)Hymenoxys (bitterweeds), Helenium (sneeze-weeds)
bitterweed/sneezeweed moa and effecthave lactones (allergic to bind with sulhydryl bonds--> metabolic acidosis (allergies= feel like acid burns) and hypoglycemia. Also highly irritating to nose, eyes GI. Allergic type sneezing. Foamy green saliva. (SNEEZING ALLERGIES IS NOT SWEET...ever have allergies so bad you have green foam come out your mouth? I have).
spewing sickness in sheepPROJECTILE VOMITING from eating sneeze weed chronically (Sneeze and
Slobbers dz-- who and whatHORSES, red clover has Rhizoctonia leguminicola fungus which makes SLAFRAMNIE ...they slobber. (slobber slaf)
rhododendron toxin/MOAgrayanotoxin. binds to voltage gated sodium channels on membranes, causing a delay in closing of the channels.GI signs, PROJECTILE vomiting, depression, weakness, convulsions (Granny loves her salt, old ppl cant taste things)
toxic honey in pplgrayanotoxin from rhododendron
Zigadenus sp. (Death camas or star lily)- toxin and MOAzygacine alkaloid, increase of the permeability of sodium channels of nerve cells, resulting in continuous firing, followed by decreased excitability. Inc vagal stim--> hypotension, bradycardia, apnea. GI signs, CNS signs (hyperexcitable), weak (with death there is a lot of ACH! ACH! ACH!!!)
Dieffenbachia, golden pothos, philodendron toxinRaphides and CaOx crystals
daturain eye section. Stuff like scopolamine an atropine Tropane alkaloids. (its atropine but no a...and ane)
scopolamine and atropine from?DATURA
MOA of satura/solanum/solandra?ANTICHOLINERGIC (this is like atropine stuff) so does opposite of SLUDGE
who is pretty resistant to nightshade?Rumis
how do dx datura?(anticholinergic effects from topane alkaloids) drop of intoxicated urine into cats eye, should dilate
sago palm toxin/effects, who?methylazoxymethanol glycosides= HEPATOTOXIC to dogs and small rumis. Nutmeg liver, centrilobular (ZONE 3) hepatic necrosis (Nutmegs grow on palms now lol-- and dino palm so cray it needs meth twice )
Lantana toxin/moa toxins: Lantadenes (triterpenoid), they are biotransformed in the liver, excreted in bile, lead to obstructive cholangitis (just imagine all the sheep we saw on ambulatory and the green snot was just bile coming out from all the obstruction). Initial GI signs-->liver signs, can have photosen. too
bighead in sheephorsebrush (i guess horses dont like sheep and step on their heads and cause the swelling LOL)
horsebrush (Tetradymis sp) toxin/moahepatic biotransformation of the toxicant in Tetradymis to tetradymol (zone 3 centrilobular necrosis)--> liver cant clear phylloerythrin--> photosensitization. BIGHEAD IN SHEEP
Xanthium sp. (cocklebur)Carboxyatractyloside (CAT) (CATS ARE --> Inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria. PIGS AND CALVES see gi and CNS signs, spasmotic mm.... (so...cats are cocks because they stick burrs in your mitochondria and you feel sooooo tired)
Crotolaria sp. (Rattlebox) toxin/MOAPyrrolizidine alakloids--> metabolized in liver to highly active pyroles--> alkylate DNA--> alter RNA and protein synth--> impair cell division--> cells cant divide--> megalocytes, karyomegaly. Get liver and CNS (neuronal) signs. horses can look sleepy.
the 3 Pyrrolizidine alkaloidscrotalaria (rattlebox), Senecio, cynoglossum
MOA of pyrrolizidine alkaloidsmetabolized in liver (mixed function oxidases, hydrolysis and dehydrogenation to highly active pyroles--> alkylate DNA--> alter RNA and protein synth--> impair cell division--> cells cant divide--> megalocytes, karyomegaly
senecio MOA, who is most suseptibleits a pyrrolizidine alkaloid. Pigs (bunch of pigs in the seneca casino)
hepatic cripples?Chronic Pyrrolizidine alkaloid tox
cynoglossum MOAPyrrolizidine alkaloid
centrolobular necrosispyrrolizidine alkaloids, sago palm, and horsebrush
Parenteral glucose; milk/lard helps with that?helps pigs with cockleburr tox (lard up that pig and no burrs will stick to it)
Aesculus sp. - buckeyesaponin alkaloids, saw=horse stance, stagger, tremble (sawhorse made of buckeye wood- but the wood was green so it has a lot of sap) nervous system
Astragalus sp. – locoweed toxinsSWAINSONINE (locoism), also nitro-toxins, AND accumulates selenium.
accumulates seleniumlocoweed
swainsonine MOA? plant?locoweed- it also causes a lysosomal storage disease: inhibition of α-mannosidase - accumulation of oligosaccharides (go loco with all that sugar)
astragalus- milkvetch: toxin/MOAmiserotoxin Irreversible inhibition of mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase → ↓ energy available in brain. (teresa was a total miser. she SUCCed and i left with no energy because she drugged my milk)
Oxytropis sp. (crazyweed) toxin/MOAswainsonine and similar to locoism (astragalus/locoweed) Competitive inhibition of α-mannosidase → cannot breakdown mannose containing oligosaccharides (accumulation of oligosaccharides) (go loco with oxy's and sugar pills)
milk madness?from transmammary transmission of crazyweed/oxytropis (swainsonine)
Laburnum sp. – golden chain tree Toxin/MOAcytisine alkaloid – nicotinic receptor agonist. (so golden chain SMOKiNG tree)
KNUCKLING OF FETLOCKSgolden chain tree (cytisine alkaloid- nicotinic receptor AGONIST-- so like cigarettes. chain smoking tree. and your knuckles are stained yellow from the nicotine)
Lathyrus sp. – pea MOA/toxin(1) NEUROLATHYRISM because AMINOACIDS agonize GLUTAMATE (excitatory). Spastic paresis. Can be 3 diff neuro syndromes. (2) ANGIOLATHYRISM causing DISSECTING ANEURYSMS in POULTRY because of aminopropionitrile (inhibits lysyl oxidase → decrease cross linking of collagen)
dissecting aneurysms in poultry?from PEA (LATHYRUS) because ANGIOLATHYRISM bc aminopropionitrile inhibits lysyl oxidase (collagen doesnt cross link)
brackenfirn and nervous signs??yep. Along with that Ptaquiloside that alkylates DNA and causes enzootic hematuria and BM suppression, it also has thiaminase--> PEM
tx with thiaminebrackenfern (thiaminases)
crazy cow is caused by?solanum (nightshades) tremors, ataxia, collapse, nystagmus, struggle to stand, able to rise after brief rest (cows are just CRAZY for potatoes)
raising and twisting head for 1 minute & with sudden release of head → collapse-- what is this a sign of?This is a sign of "crazy cow" dz caused by solanum (nightshades) (potatoes get me so excited I collapse too)
Cannabis sativa toxins/MOA? cannabinoids → delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)Binds to cannabinoid receptor → CB1 (CNS: cognitive functions, emotional status, dopaminergic signaling; ANS: pain perception and cardiovascular and gastrointestinal function) and CB2 (inflammation and pain regulation) receptors
Delphinium sp. - LarkspurDiterpenoid alkaloids have a "curare like" competitive NM blocking effect--> inhibit ACh--> non-depol NM blockade (so LARKS hunting in the woods with blowdarts)
can cause bloat bc mm paralysislarkspur