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sweet clover MOAeat it--> coumarin converted to DICOUMAROL--> inhibits epodixase of K1--> inhibit clotting factors 2,7,9,10
bracken fern toxin and MOAPtaquiloside (quills of ferns) alkylates DNA, thiaminase (PEM)
onionoxidize RBC--> hlysis (more toxic in cats and dogs bc....cmon this is obv)
red maplereactive oxidants--> RBC glutathione reducing system--> RBC lysis (red SUGAR maple...GLUCothione lol)
field mustardeat plants for 2-3 weeks--> eats S-methyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide (SMCO), which is metabolised (glycosylated) to dimethyl sulphides (THIS ONLY HAPPENS IN RUMIS- the acidic environment of monogastrics does not allow it). dimethyl sulphides are ACTUAL HEMOLYSINS (brassica anemia factor). So these cause heinz bodies in the RBCs and eventually severe hemolytic anemia. Also Thiocyanate ions/goitrogens (too much mustard smeared on your throat will give you a goiter and then the SiMCO brand mustard is even worse, it affects the -SHit factor of your blood and the dimethyl sulfides in the SiMCO mustard lyse it)
plants with nitratespearl millet, sorghum, sudan
K1sweet clover poison
methylene bluenitrites--> methemoglobin
A chains and B chains are?lectins
abrinlectin--> A chain (toxic) and B chain (Attach) inhibits protein synth in ribosome. Also bind to outside of RBC--> anaphylaxis
milkweedinhibit NaK ATPase--> dec HR and AV node conduction
effects of cardiac glycosidesbradycardia, AV block, ventricular fibrillation
cardiac glycosidesmilkweed, digitalis, oleander
most hazardous plant in NAmerica apparentlyYew
MOA yewConsists of cardiotoxic taxines A, B → inhibit cardiac conduction heart block, slowing of heart, widening of QRS (yew tax me too much, it hurts my heart, im gonna kill myself as the CONDUCTOR (cardiac conduction) runs me over with his train <--fast death)
cardiotoxic taxanes- what plant, do whatyew (species is taxus lol) inhibit cardiac conduction!
astragalus/locoweed heart effects?(has swainsonine (crazy pigs) but thats nervous system) prolly due to the inhibition of α-mannosidase - accumulation of oligosaccharides Cardiomyopathy, edema with heart failure, arrythmias (crazy pigs in the brain and heart)
white snakeroot affects which system?heart. Cardiomyopathy, edema with heart failure → arrhythmias (a snake constricting around your heart hurts the mm and causes edema)
gossypium affects which system?heart (CHF) (protein diet suppliment, shouldnt be more than 100ppm)
where does avocado affect?heart: Myocardial degeneration of heart, necrosis of ventricular walls and septum → cardiac arrhythmias.. AND STERILE MASTITIS
Hoary alyssum affects where?heart/BVs Laminitis/limb edema in horses, edema, colic, inc HR (whores tied up in the asylum will get swelling if you tie them too tight)
black walnut affects what?affects BVs- if wood shavings for bedding- Possible vasospasm resulting in ischemia within capillaries of laminae with subsequent reperfusion
paroxysmal tachycardia?oleander (such a pretty song it makes my heart flutter)
Propionibacterium pastehelps dec nitrite converting bacteria in rumis
goiters with?field mustard (brassica rapa)
ascorbic acidcan tx the methemoglobin in red maple tox
has thiaminasebrackenfern (not as bad in rumis, whos microbes can make it for them)
congested heart failuregossipum (just like a cotton ball, the body starts to hold a lot of water)
avocado toxinpersin
what do cardiac glycosides do?Inhibit NaKATPase
bag podglycosides irritate GI mucous membranes, PURPLE COMB IN CHICKENS
Iristerpenes, organic acids, toxic glycoside IRIDIN, GI probs bloody diarrhea
PrivetV/D, reddening
DaffodilPhenanthridine alkaloids (V/D, salivation) (springtime is no phen when you eat the daffodils)
pokeweedtransient digestive disorder- diarrhea, berries make poop purple, pigs get CNS signs (Purple Poke Poops and Pigs)
Buttercup glycoside ranunculin (its the ranunculus species, so...) Irritation when plant enzyme converts ranunculin to protoanemonin which is irritating. ALSO liver damage--> photosensitization (butter cups make your chin yellow like liver damage makes all of you yellow...and red when you burn) and then heamturia--> red colored milk, so skin AND milk are from white to red
castor beanhas RICIN which is a LECTIN! A(toxic) B(binding) chains. So inhibits protein synth in the ribosome. (at the horrible death widding, you CASTor RICIN on the ground, and the priest wears a rosary (rosary pea aka abrin) ) --> severe GI irritation, bloody diarrhea.
Sennadiarrhea/ GI signs, but also Skele and Cardiac mm degen!!!! (pale streaks in muscles) (Senna Skeleton makes your heart stop with fear)
persimmonUnripe--> tannins--> astringent action--> ulcers. ALSO PHYTOBEZOAR.
impaction/obstructionspersimmons, mesquite pods, mesquite flowers have indigestible hairs
toxin in peppers, how it workscapsicum, irritation on contact, excess salivation, if lots can cause V/D
Excess salivation with inflammation of mouth and lips- and why (3)Dieffenbachia, golden pothos, philodendron. can cause irritation due to oxalate crystals in the stem and leaves (also can hurt kidneys), Conjunctivitis (crystals in eyes)
cactusdont eat sharp things
spurge (Euphorbia)irritating GI (mouth), skin
PARESIS OR PARALYSIS OF LARYNX WITH ROARING in horseslathyrus (pea) (neurolathyrism, degen of neurons to larynx)
Karwinskia sp. - CoyotilloProgressive polyneuropathy, paralysis starting from the back and moving up "dying back syndrome" (degeneration of distal axonal segment of large motor peripheral nerves) (think of wlie E coyote who gets revenged by roadrunner by roadrunning making him more and more paralyzed)
Senna & Prosopis (mesquite) spSENNA: Remember this is also in GI, and then degen of SKELE and cardiac mm. mESQUITE: remember can cause GI obstructions, also probs with nerves (incoordination of jaw), tongue protruding from mouth. senna skele and EXCITED to see it
Equine parkinsons (nigropallidal encephalomalacia)KNAPWEED (think of michal J fox but this time its michal J horse and he's taking a nap- his very own vibrating bed)
Centaurea sp. - Knapweed, star-thistleEQUINE PARKINSONS/ nigropallidal encephalomalacia
Mimosaalkaloid 4-methoxypyridoxine (structural analog of Vit. B6) (I would like 4 or 6 mimosas please) and 4 mimosas makes me VERY VERY excited. 4 makes 6, B6 does enzymes, so mimics that, more enzymes-->seizures, paddling, twitching
Pyridoxine hydrochlorideThis is for MIMOSA because it does B6.
TERATOGENICpoison hemlock
Cicuta sp . (poison hemlock)TERATOGENIC. has nicotine like pyridine alkaloids--> GABA antagonism--> excitement (babies gab a lot... so shut them up with some poison hemlock)
Crooked calf dzfrom hemlock. Contractures. Remember, crooked calf is a teratogenic effect and we dont like gabbing babies so we feed them poison hemlock. Alkaloid-induced inhibition of foetal movement during specific gestational periods--> contracture. (30-50d gestation for cleft palate, 50-100d for contractures)
Water hemlock toxin/MOAcicutoxin--> inhibits GABA--> super excitation. Also block Na/K ion channels (both hemlocks inhibit gaba-->excitement. And think of cicadas on the water)
Lupinus and Nicotiana sp toxin/MOALupines contain quinozolidine alkaloids, nicotiana nicotine alkaloids--> both actiave nicotinic ACh receptors (so a wolf smoking cigarettes is going to be very excitable the first time he tries them, but then they calm him down)
Ageratina altissima - White snakeroot toxin/MOAREMEMBER also causes myocardial degen and edema, but with the nervous system, toxin is trematone (snakes sort of look like flukes) and it interferes with glucose metabolism (isnt metabolizing--> hyperglycemia) (so also, super sugary milk will make me sick)
milk sickness in humanswhite snakeroot (trematone) I'd be pretty effin sick if i had flukes and snakes in my milk too. And Trematone stops glucose metabolism--> high levels of glucose (so also, super sugary milk will make me sick)
toxic honey vs milk MADNESS vs milk SICKNESShoney: rhododendron. Milk MADNESS: madness means crazy, crazy is loco, locoweed/swainsonine (oxytropis too). Milk SICKNESS: Milk full of snakes and flukes is fuckin SICK man
Aconitum sp MOAPersistent activation of the Na + channels. Inc persistant depol- enhance ach release. propagating to severe CV (bradycardia). (a cone full of salt is bad for your heart)
chinaberry toxin/moaTriterpenoids (fine china ruined when he spilled turpentine on them) CNS signs (he hallucinated when he huffed turpentine off moms fine china)
spastic paresis in humanslathyrus (pea) PEA-RESIS kids get when you try to make them eat peas
Cherrycyanogenic glycosides in the cell--> metabolized to cyanide (cyanide in pits) --> inhibits mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase (lol c for cyanide)--> inhibiting cellular respiration--> can't release O2 (inhibiting cell respiration means you arent respirating either) (cherry red blood from cherry pits)
MOA cyanideinhibits mitochondral cytochome C oxidase which inhibits cellular respiration--> cant let go of O2--> inhibits YOUR respiration. (cherry red blood from cherry pits)
Medicago sp. – alfalfa, lucerneoverload rumen with TRYPTOPHAN (remember alfalfa high in protein, trypto is protein) --> bacteria convert to 3-methylindole → converted in lung to ULTIMATE TOXIN (i imagine 3 types of meth WOULD be the ultimate turkey stuffed with alfalfa is basically the deadliest thing? lol)
purple mintProduces ARDS signs- panting dz (Volatile, aromatic 3-substituted furan ketones) bc causes prolife of type II pneumocytes instead of the, you know, breathing kind (type 1) so looks very glandy
panting dzpurple mint for panting because pneumocytes are type II
Bull nettle & stinging nettleirritating. blisters and prupritus. (think salad fingers lol)
Amaranthus sp. - pigweedPigweed--nephrotoxic-->2* hyperkalemia possible. Also accumulates nitrates porkey pig punching you right in the kidney because he took a bunck of K and nitrous
oak treeTANNINS-- astringent, denature cells... your kidneys will be shriveled acorns if you eat this shit
Halogeton sp. - Halogetonsheep, kidneys. dull, drooling, stiff mm, irreg respiration, fluid in abdomen, oxlate crystals (halogenated hydrocarbon crystals are pretty till theyre in your liver)