Toxicology Table T

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Question Answer Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Theophylline>50mg/kg ingestion, >550mcmol/L = life threateningCVS - tachyarrythmia, vomiting, tremor, seizures, low K, PO4, Mg, high BSL and acidosisBSL, ECG, para, Theophylline level, ABG, U+E, CMPABC-tachyarryhtmia Bblocker. D-BSL high, Seizures. Correct U+EsMDAC + HD >550 acute, >350 chronic
Thyroxine<1g OKMild symptoms only up to 2 weeksBSL, ECG, para, TFTsBeta or Calcium channel blockersCharcoal if <4 hours and cooperative
Tramadolseizures common >1.5g or 10mg/kg SRdelayed seizures, Coma if combined. Serotonin sx - hot, tacky, clonusBSL, ECG, paraABCD - expect seizures and rx with benzos-if agitated GIVE BENZOS as herald seizures. Try NaloxoneObserve at least 12 hours if SR, charcoal if <2hr but beware of seizures
TCAdependant on agent but >10mg/kg life threatening QRS >100ms seizures, >160ms - VTmild - anticholinergic and drowsy, moderate - coma, hypotension, seizures, severe - >24hrs coma, arrhythmia, acidosisBSL, ECG, para, VBG, U+Es, CMPABCD - expect seizures, HCO3 for any prolonged QRS. HCO3 100mls for widened QRS, 2nd line lidocaine. NOT AMIODARONE hyperventilate to pH 7.5-7.55Secure airway early, charcoal if airway secure. Home after 6hrs of obsevration, psych input, no anticholinergic sx