Toxicology table S

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Question Answer Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Salicylates500mg/kg lethalAcute: Vomiting, tinnitus, Hyperventilation - resp alkalosis, metabolic acidosis (uncouples O2 phosphorylation=hypermetabolic syndrome and organic acid) Chronic: Insidious onset pseudo DKA and pseudo sepsisBSL, ECG, paracetamol, salicylate levels, U+Es(low K), ABG (RAGMA), CXR (ARDS)ABCD hyperventilate if intubate, give glucose as CNS stows are depleted, Urinary alkalisation-NaHCO3, HD if compromised or levels >7.2mmol/LMild effect on platelets-GI beed uncommon, Charcoal up to 8hr if taken >150mg/kg, WBI and MDAC, watch for low K and Mg
SSRI>600mg citalopram = QT prolongusually benign, citalopram = QT, Serotonin toxicity 20% - mildBSL, ECG, para, >1g citalopram cardiac monitoring 12 hrsABCD, benzos for seizures and agitationCharcoal if >600mg and <4 hrs
Strychnine100mg lethalglycine antagonist = rapid death due to skeletal muscle spasm and reap failureBSL, ECG, para, ABG, CK, tropABCD - supportive rxno AC, clear at 4 hours
Sulphonylureas1 tablet in kids and non diabeticsHypoglycaemia, prolonged >8hrsBSL, ECG, paraiv glucose 50mls 50% and 5ml/kg of 10%, Octreatide at onset of hypoglycaemia - 25mcg/hrBEWARE SR prep