Toxicology table P

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Question Answer Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Paracetamol150mg/kg (200mg/kg kids) Chronic 200mg/24hrsAcute 4 phases: N+V, RUQ pain + ALT, Liver failure, recoveryBSL, ECG, Para level at 4 hours, LFTs, INR, U+Es<1hr AC, 0-8hrs level NAC, 8-24 NAC and levels, >24hrs NAC, ALTLiver centre referral if INR, AKI, Acidotic, Low BSL+platelets, encephalopathic or hypotenuse
Paraquat herbicide>50mg/kg 18ml 20% = lethalmouthful = fatal, smaller doses, vomiting, corosive injury, acidosis, fibrosisBSL, ECG, para, ABG, CXR, urine and serum paraquat levels, PFTsDecontaminate -soil, AC!! BEFORE ABCD - No O2 unless SpO2 <90%Vit C and NAC - no evidence but safe, HD may help
PhenothiazideDependent on drugCNS depression, postural hypotension, anticholinergic effects, prolonged QTBSL, ECG, para, serial ECGABCD, monitoring, IV fluidsCharcoal if tubed, supportive care
Potassium>40 tablets is MASSIVE! > 2.5mmol/kg overwhelms renal excretionGIT symptoms and HighKBSL, ECG, para serial ECG, VBG, U+Es, AXRABC, monitor, WBI standard rx high KResonium NOT useful, WBI and HD for rising K and renal impairment, CVS instability, K>8.0
Phenytoin>100mg/kg=comaCNS: nystagmus, ataxia, coma, GIT, HONK cerebellar signsBSL, ECG, para, phenytoin levelsABCD, Falls risk, talks to foxEnhanced elimination not standard but may help