Toxicology table M

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Question Answer Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Mercury30-50mg/kgPoisoning is rare Thermometer ingestion rarely cause symptoms Inorganic-vomiting, organic - neurology, elemental -pneumonitisBSL, para, ECG, U+E, urie and blood levels, AXRChelating agents - Dimercaprol, Penicillamine, Succimerchronic affects are neuro, GIT and Acrodynia
Metformin>10g less if renal failureSevere lactic acidosis mild hypoglycaemiaBSL, Para, ECG, VBG inc lactateABCD, Fluids, NaHCO3, HDAC <2 hrs, HD if acidosis causing effects or ARF . Toxicity can occur if AKI
Methotrexateacute overdose is not described, often just supra therapeuticBone marrow suppression, GI effectsPara, ECG, BSL, FBC< U+E, Methotrexate levelsFolinic acid 15mg QID if ingestion >5mg/kg or 500mgAC if <2hrs, admit for observation
MirtazipineUnknonwn but benignTachycardia, drowsy, confusionPARA, BSL, ECGABCD - seizure are not due to mirtaz, search for other drugssupportive care, ECG normal at 4 hours is reassuring
MAOIdependant on drugSympathetomimemetic, Serotonin syndrome, QT prolongation, Tyramine reactionBSL, Para, ECG, U+Es, ABG, Serial ECGSABC, iv fluids, Cool and monitor temp, cyproheptadine 4mg poObserve 12 hrs, dont dc at night, ICU for severe