Toxicology table I2

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Question Answer Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
IronElemental ingestion 60mg/kg

Serum level 90mmol/L or 500mcg/dL
5 stages:
1. Local GI losses 1-6hrs
2. Absorption and better 6-12 hrs
3. Severe systemic tox 12-48hrs - acidosis, cardiac failure, shock, 3rd space
4. 2-5 days Hepatic failure, coagulopathy
5. 2-6weeks cirrhosis and recovery
BSL, Para, ECG, iron levels 4-6hrs >500mcg/dL/90mml/L, VBG, AXRDesferroxamine 500mg/100ml saline 15mg/kg/hr. Indication: >500mcg/dL or 90mml/L, end point <350mcg/dL or 60mml/L Run <24hrs ARDSWBI, no AC as metal
>60mg/kg ingestion = systemic
120mg/kg = lethal.
May get hyperglycaemia and WCC raise - not correlate to toxicity
Isoniazid1.5g - mild symptoms
3-10g - acidosis, seizures, confusion
>10g fatal
Confusion, coma, seizures rapid onset 30min-2hrs, N+V, blurred vision, dizzinessBSL, Para, ECG, VBG-severe acidosis, EEGPPE for TB ABCD-seizures-benzos, Pyridoxine give gram for gram or 5g or 70m/kg - 0.5g/minAC or HD - often work too late