Toxicology table H

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Question Answer Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Hydrofluroric acid (wheel cleaner and rust remover)100% solution to >2.5%TSA is life threateningDermal exposure - burn, delayed pain,and systemic effects; Inhalation-cough, APO, wheeze; systemic effects: Low Ca, low Mg, QT, arrthymia, VTBSL, ECG and monitoring, QT and dysrrythmia, Ca, U+Es, Mg, endoscopy if ingestedCalcium Gluconate gel 2.5% (10mls 10% in 30 sachets jelly), systemic Ca, don't give LA - pain and resolution show improvement to rx, saline irrigation of eyes- not Ca, Biers Block, subcut and intradermal injection CaGluconateStaff PPE, irrigate, supportive care, Analgeisa, ongoing monitoring for sign systemic tox
Hydrogen PeroxideAlakaline - liquid coagulation, gas formation - gas embolus, direct corrosive 30ml of 35% = 3L O2BSL, ECG, paracetamol, AXR, CXRIntubation for laryngeal oedema supportive care, High flow O2observe all, PPE and decontamination