Toxicology table B

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Question Answer Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Beta blockers (only sotalol and propranololtoxic dose varies, propanolol only 1gbenign except propanolol (like TCA, Na blocker, seize, coma) and Sotolol (k channel blocker - QT), hypotension, bradycardia, HYPOGLYCAEMIA, bronchospasmECG, BSL (low), paracetamol, VBG, U+Es, CMPAtropine, isoprenaline, adrenaline, HDIT, glucagon. Propanolol-NaHCO3, Sotolol TdP - Mg, isoprn, paceAC but careful with propanolol seizure, 4-6hr monitor for well pts, detect and treat Hypoglycaemia, Atenolol - HD
Baclofen>200mg (20tabs) potentially lethalDelerium, Coma, resp depression, mimic brain death, loss dolls eyes, occulocephalic reflex, fixed dilated pupilsECG, para, BSL U+EsI+V, fluids for hypotension (not often hypertense), BZP for seizuresAvoid AC, Admit ICU - may need prolonged support, Delerium on waking
Barbiturates>8mg/kgMimic brain death, severe cardiorepiratory depression, hypothermia, bullae and blistersBSL, para, ECGs, Phenobar level >80mg/L = coma, EEGSupportive careSupportive care inc FASTHUGFIDDLER, MDAC, HD
Benzodiazipinesdependent on coingestantsCOMMON 1/3 poisoning, CNS depressionBSL, ECG, ParaObservation only, Flumazenil 0.5mg iv only on Tox adviceOften decontamination risk > benefit as often benign
BenztropineNAanticholinergic syndrome (hot, red, mydraisis, agitated, dry) after being prescribed for DyskinesiaECG, Para, BSLPhysostigmine 0.5mg ivAC early, supportive
BuproprionSeizure any dose, >10g CVSSeizures (delayed), Cardiotoxic >10gPara, BSL, ECG - serial ECGBenzos with end point HR <100, cessation seizures, NaHCO3NO AC as seizures likely