Torts day 2

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Question Answer
Blondell v. Consolidated Gas Co.governors attached to gas meter, it is sufficient that the acts were unauthorized
Intel v. HamidiHamidi sends critical emails to employees. Intel claims trespass to chattels regarding its email system. Court says trespass to chattel shouldn’t encompass email systems because no irreparable injury. Debate over whether its property or chattel.
Compuserve v. Cyber PromotionsTrespass to chattel does apply to spam
Trespass to chattelsallows recovery for interferences with personal property not sufficient to be considered conversion, and so to compel the ∆ to repay the whole thing.
eBay v. Bidder’s edgeBidder’s edge’s use of spiders to manage eBay amounts to trespass to chattel.
Sotelo v. Direct Revenueplaintiff can get trespass to chattels for spyware that was capable of corrupting data
In re Apple∆ can’t deny class action where download harmed device
In re Jetblueno trespass to chattel just by taking personal information
Cotnam v. Wisdomallows surgeon, but only if successful, and bars higher fee based on knowledge of decedent’s wealth