Topical antiparasitics

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Permethrin is a synthetic version of organic pyrethrinT
Permethrin comes in a 5% cream as lamisilF, lamisil is terbinafine
Permethrin comes in 5% for head lice, and 1% for scabiesF, other way around
Permethrin is highly absorbedF, poor absorption, 1-2%
Metabolised through ester cleavage (Permethrin)T
Permethrin is excreted in the bileF urine, within 1 week
Permethrin is okay to use in those >2 monthsT
Nix is permethrin 1%T
Permethrin is reliably ovicidalF
Permethrin should be applied after shampoo and conditionerF, not conditioner
Permethrin should be left on hair for 1 hourF, 10 minutes
Resistance to permethrin 1%, means another agent should be triedF, can use 5%
Sensitivity to compositae is not a C/I to permethrinF
Permethrin is cat CF, B
Malathion is a strong organophosphateF, weak
Malathion is compounded with isopropyl alcohol and terpineolT
Malathion reversibly inhibits ACHaseF, irreversible -> NM paralysis
Malathion is applied to towel dried hairF, applied to dry hair and then rinsed with shampoo after 8-12 hours
Malathion is flammableT
Malathion is slowly metabolised by tissue A esterase's and carboxylesterasesF, fast
Malathion is excreted in the urine like permethrinT, efficacy only slightly less than
Malathion is cat BT
Malathion is first line therapy for head lice in those >6 yearsT
Spinosad disrupts nictonic acetylcholine receptorsT
Spinosad is applied to dry hair like malathionT
Spinosad is easier to use than permethrinT
Spinosad is cat CF , B
Crotamiton is highly effective in scabiesF, minmal
Crotamiton has limited antipruritic effectsF, antipruritic effects
Crotamiton is cat BF, C
Benzyl benzoate can be given with alcoholF, need to avoid for 48 hours due to disulfiram reaction
Precipitaetd sulfur is effective in pregnancyT
Precipitated sulfur has no odourF, noxious odour and skin irritant
Lindane inhibits neurotransmissionT
Lindane can cause seizuresT
Lindane is associated with aplastic anaemia and leukaemiaT
Tea tree oil can cause contact sensitisationT
Thiabendazole inhibits microtubule synthesisT
Thiabendazole can reduce theophylline levelsF, increase
Thiabendazole can cause irritationT

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