Topical and intralesional antivirals

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Acyclovir is available only in 1% formulationsF, 5%
Acyclovir is a nucleotide analogueF, nucleoside
Acyclovir has limited cutaneous absorptionT
Acyclovir requires phoshorylation by thymidine kinaseT
Acyclovir is more effective in VZV than HSVF more effective in HSV
Acyclovir is effective in CMVF, CMV does not encode for TK
Acyclovir reduces viral shedding in genital herpes but has no other effectF, also reduces length of illness by 0.5 days
Penciclovir has poor oral bioavailbilityT
Famciclovir is the prodrug of penciclovirT
Penciclovir is an acyclic purine nucleoside analogue of guanineT
Acyclovir is more efficient in phosphorylating than penciclovirF, penciclovir more efficinet
Penciclovir has a higher affinity for viral DNA polymerase for the diphosphate formF, triphosphate form
Penciclovir exhibits inhibitory activity against HSV, VZV, EBV but not CMVT
Penciclovir comes in 1% for oral herpesT
Cidofovir is an acyclic nucleotideT
Cidofovir depends on TK for phosphorylationF, <1%
Cidofovir can reduce healing time by 1-2 days in HSVT
Pruritis, rash, pain, paraesthesia and ulceration can be seen in Cdiofovir at high concentratiosnT
Foscarnet is effective in CMVT - Gram positive
Foscarnet is the drug of choice for Acyclovir resistant HSVT
Foscarnet requires activation by enzymesF
Foscarnet is a nucleoside analogueF


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Idoxuridine is a thymidine analogueT
Idoxuridine is available topically for genital ulcersF only available as an oral solution for herpes keratitis


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Imiquimod is a nucleoside heterocyclic amineF, non-nucleoside
Imiquimod activates TNFaF, Toll like receptor 7
Imiquimod induces antiviral and antitumour effectsT
Imiquimod is approved for facial SBCCF, not facial, or <2cm
1.5 boxes of Imiquimod need to be prescribed for AKT
Topical interferon is more efficacious than placeboF


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Bleomycin is derived from Streptomycin verticullisT
Bleomycin acts during M and G2 phaseT
Bleomycin causes double stranded breaksF, single
Bleomycin binds to HPVF
bleomycin needs to be stored in the freezerT


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Podophyllotoxin is the active ingredient of podophyllinT
Podophyllotoxin is an anti mitotic agent T
Podophyllotoxin inhibits cells in metaphase by irreversibly binding to tubulinF, reversibly
Podophyllin is C/I in pregnancyT
Podofilox is C/I in pregnancyF, cat C
Erythema, burning and erosions are the most common S/E seen in 75% of people treated with 0.5% podofiloxT
Podofilox contains quercetin/kaemperolF, these are mutagens
Podophyllin is a crude extract of cytotoxic material from the May applied plantT
Used only for genital wartsT

Trichloroacetic Acid

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TCA causes hydrolysis of cell proteins leading to inflammation and cell eathT
TCA can be used in pregnant women cf podophyllotoxinT


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Cantharidin interferes with ERF, mitochondria
Canthraidin has direct antiviral effectsF
A ring wart can result from cantharidinT
Cantharidin does not need occlusion in molluscumT


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SA is more likely to be effective on the hand than the feetF


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5-FU can be applied once/weekly to resistant genital wartsT


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Sinecathecin is a green tea extractT
Sinecathechin induces apoptosisT

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