Tooth development

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Define odontogenesis:Process by which teeth are formed.
What occurs in odontogenesis?The protein matrix of the teeth is mineralized.
How many teeth are their in the primary dentition?20
Where do the maxillary incisors develop?The medial nasal processes.
Where do the teeth except from the maxillary incisors develop?Maxillary and mandibular process of the first arch.
What cells form the dentin secreting odontoblasts?The neural crest derived mesenchyme cells (ectoderm) that migrated to the first pharyngeal arch.
What do the oral epithelium (ectoderm) form?Enamel secreting ameloblasts.
What is the dental lamina and what does it do?It is involved in the determination of the tooth region and is a C shaped structure along the length of the upper and lower jaws.
What happens in the bud stage?The oral ectoderm thickens and forms a placode that buds to the underlying neural crest derived mesenchyme
At what stage can the dental papilla be defined as inner and outer?When the dental papilla has formed a 'cap' shape meaning that the epithelium is wrapped round the dental papilla.
What condenses around the budding epithelium?The odontogenic mesenchymal (neural crest - derived) cells.
The dental papilla cells directly underlying the epithelium are?Progenitors of odontoblasts
What gives rise to the dental follicle?The peripheral mesenchyme
Define enamel organ:A layer of more condensed cells developed from the stellate reticulum along the inner enamel epithelium, called the stratum intermedium.
What is the enamel knot the source of?Sonic hedgehog, Fibroblast Growth Factors, Bone morphogenic proteins (2+4) and Wnt secretion
What are the dental papilla derivatives?Odontoblasts and mesenchymal cells
What the the dental follicle derivatives?Cementoblasts, osteoblasts and fibroblasts.
What happens in the bell stage?Pre-ameoblasts forming from the inner dental epithelium - cells are more columnar and the dental mesecenchyme cells begin to differentiate into odontoblasts underneath them.
What does HERS stand for?Hertwig's epithelial root sheath.
What is the function of HERS?It induces the odontoblast differentiation from dental papilla - lays down dentine and induced differentiation of the dental follicle cells into cementoblasts.

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