Tools test 1 EBP and systematic review and meta

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What are the three things of EBP?Research evidence, patient values, and clinical expertise
EBP is based on a single client?yes
Provide tow reasons that explain why it is important for you yo stay current with pulbished research literature.It is importnat to make sure that the literature and research sstill back a specific intervention as having a postivie outcome and to learn about new interventions that have recently been proven to work for the population of the cilent youre working with
Name two reasons clinicans may prefer reading pre-reviewed evidence rather than original study.a pre-reviewed document is a summary so it could be mroe time effective and in documents such as these they may summarize more than one study so they compile a bunch of reseach found from many articles and compile them into one summary
Name the 5 steps in the EBP processASK: an answerable question such as a PICO question, ACQUIRE: the best evidence in articles, APPRAISE: appraise the article for validity, APPLY: what was researched, ASSESS: assess the outcomes for the client
What are some barrier to EBP?Time for searching, cost, limited evidence on key areas of practice, access to published research
What does PICO stand for?population, intervention, comparison, outcome
What are the different types of pre-reviewed aricles?systematic review/meta analysis. critically appraised papers (CAPs), critically appraised topics (CATs), narrative reviews, and practice guidelines
What is a systematic review/meta analysisdifferent perspectives and full picture, tend to be lenghty (wealth of info), answer PICO question, variation in way treatment was given
What is a critically appraised paper (CAPs)summary of 1 study, AOTA-evidence exchange,, OTs or OT students summarize an article
What is a critically appraised topics (CATs)summary of 2 or 3 articles
What is a narrative review?potentially bias, not as thorough
What are practice guidelines?panel fo experts get together and decide what the best practice for____- and becomes a book.
Meta analysisquantitative, statistical, study effect size-how big of a difference between treatment and control
How to type in a research question.(OR) AND (OR)
What is a systematic review?: a type of pre-reviewed evidence that can be a goldmine of infmoation and can save busy clinicians time. They are reliable (is repeatable) Validity-produced findings that are accutate, thorough job, authors have controlled things
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Systematic reviews provide what?a context to understand findings form individual articles (use article that support and refute and looka t multiple to see consenses, They are transparent so they have minimized bias and they are very comprehensive
Systematic reviews synthesis of pyblished data into new findings-take stuff thts published and then syntesizing and published new message-big picturetrue
are systematic reviews qualitative or quantitative?qualitative- narrative summary
Are meta analyses qualitative or quantitative?quantitative-computes new statistical findings based on data presented in each study
Do meta analyses focus more on effect size or or statistical significance?effect size- knowing the size of the difference is inportant becasue somtimes even small and clinically important difference con be statistically sig
Name one way qualitative research differs from quantitative design.qualitative research designs dont have any numbers in them wehre as quantitative desirgns do