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What is the purpose of a null hypothesis?To reject it. Begin with the position that the means being compared are no different so by doing your research you want to reject the null by saying their was a difference do to the manipulation
What is the purpose of inferential statistics?to find if the observed difference between the means was due to random cariation casued by human performance fluctuation or due to the independt variables
What is the notation form of a null hypothesis?Ho:XE=EC
What is a directional hypothesis?prediction that the research can oly turn out one way. Ex paricipatns will either stay the same or get better
What is the notation form of a diretionaly hypothesis?Ha:Madded purpose > Mexersie alone
What is the def of non-directional hypothesis?prediction that the research could turn out eeither way. There is no prior theory or clinical evidence to suggest that it could only go one way
Notation form of non directional hypo Ha: Madded purpose =/Mexercise only
What are type 1 errors?research finds a significant difference between the means that is not real
What are type 2 errors?resercher fails to reject the null hypo because p value is greater than .05 and concludes no sig differnece between the means
A study comapred the means of a group that recieved 2 additional hours of specialized therapy a week while the other group only recieved their normal therapy. what type of statictics would be used if you wanted to compared the two means based on some measure?inferential statistics, dependent t test-because its between group
A study was conducted and the researched wanted to look at how one group preformed from pre test to post test. what type of statistics would be used?inferential; independent t test-becuse within group
A study was conducted where one group recieved intervention A and the other recieved intervention B. The researcher wants to find what intervention produced the greatest outcomes from the pre test and post test. What type of statistics analysis would be used?descriptive stats- use the means of the scores Inferential stats depenednt t test
When would you use the median?if it is ordinal data becasue the median is a measure of central tendency
Conitive function using the Mini-Mental function test (count backwards by 3s from 21) what ICF dimension is thisimpairment of body strucutres/functions
handwriting performance measured with teh Test of handwriting skill. What ICF dimension is usedactivity
Name a few things that fall under the category of body strucutres/functions ini the ICFmotor control, motor planning, vision, audition, mood, language, executive control, memoory, strength, flexibility, grasp/pinch, problem soling, executie function, attention awareness, sleep
Name a few things that fall under the activity categoy of the ICFclimb stairs, mobility, lift/carry, sit/stand, dress/eat, grromm/hygience, money management, cook/meal prep, comm, manage meds
name a few things that fall under the participation category of the ICFCare of self, care of others, maintentance of home, work activities, fitness acti, leisure/spotr act, community act, social act, religious and spiritual ac
What is the Hawthorne affect?participants act differently becuase they know theyre being watched
What are the 5 levels of experiemental research? and do they have manipulation, randomization, and control?systematic review: all Nonrandomized control trial: manipulation and control One group pretest post test: maniulation Single subject design: manipulation case study: mainupation
name some research designs that fall under descriptive researchdevelopental research, normative studies, case studies, surveys
What are some ways to appraise qualitative research/member checking, transparancy, triangulation, external audit, reflecivity
How is data collected in ground theory?open quoting, axial quoting, selective quoting.
list some threats to internal validityhawthore effect, maturation/sontaneous recovery, experimenter bias, co-intervention, no randomization, tsting effect, attrition
What is assumed in parametric the data are interval or ratio, the variance of the means being compared is similar, and the data are distributed normally
When compaing etween measures (Dependent) on 2 or more means what type of ANOVA would be used. Assume it meets requirements for parametric test repeated measures ANOVA
When is a simple ANOVA used?when measuring within group means
What type of research design is being used? what do swedish OTs feel about research? Survey, descriptive research
What type of research design is being used? classroom seating for chidren with ADHD: therapy balls VS chairsexperimental?
What typ of research design is being used? single subject disign for disability researchexpeiremental
What type of question does qualitative research answer?what is it like to be/have______?
what type of question does descriptive research answer?how do people act and how do they think
How does pencil grip patternes change over a period of time; is an example of what type of studydevelopmental research
What type of questiondoes eperiemetnal ressearch answer?does x cause y?
What are the 5 types of pre-reviewed evidence/systematic review/meta analysis, CAPs, CATs, narrative review, practice guideline
What is a critically appraised paper?summary of 1 study