Tongue and Thyroid

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Which arches form the developing heart?3rd, 4th and 6th.
Which arches form the developing face?1st and 2nd.
Defects in the 1st and or 2nd arch can lead to which conditions?Treacher Collins, Pierre Robin sequence and Goldenhar sequence.
The anterior part of the tongue is formed from what pharyngeal arch/es?First
The posterior part of the tongue is formed from?The 2nd, 3rd and 4th arches?
What enlarges and fuses together to form the mucus membrane of the anterior two thirds of the tongue?the tuberuclum impar and the two lateral lingual swellings.
What is a bifid tongue?A rare congentital malformation derived from the failure of fusion of the lateral lingual swellings.
What is ankyloglossia?Where the frenulum extends to the tip of the tongue.
What is glossoptosis and what can it cause?Downwards displacement of the tongue and can cause obstruction of the airways and sleep apnea.
What innervates the posterior third of the tongue?Glossopharyngeal nerve.
Where does the tongue musculature have its origins?The occipital somites.
Where do thyroglossal duct cysts arise?On the migratory path of the thyroid gland.
Where does the thyroglossal tract arise?The foramen caecum

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