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Question Answer
• Hong Kong Stock Exchange :HQHong Kong.
• Toronto Stock Exchange HQToronto.
• BM&F Bovespa HQSao Paul
• Australian Securities Exchange :HQSydney
• Deutsche Börse :HQFrankfurt.
• Taiwan Stock Exchange HQthe city of Taipei
• JSE Limited HQJohannesburg, South Africa.
• American Stock Exchange (AMEX) HQNew York, USA
• Borsa Italia HQMilan, Italy
• London International Financial Futures&Options Exchange (LIFFE) HQLondon, Great Britain
• Montreal Exchange (MSE) HQMontreal, Canada
• Nordic :Baltic market (OMX) HQStockholm, Sweden
• Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) HQMadrid, Spain
• Afghanistan Stock Exchange HQKabul
• Chittagong Stock Exchange HQChittagong
• Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan HQinThimphu
• Maldives Stock Exchange HQMalé
• Nepal Stock Exchange HQKathmandu
• Sialkot Stock Exchange HQSialkot
• Colombo Stock Exchange HQColombo
• New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)HQ in New York City
• NASDAQ OMXHQ in New York City.
• Tokyo Stock ExchangeHQ in Tokyo
• London Stock ExchangeHQ in London.
• Shanghai Stock ExchangeHQ in Shanghai.

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