Tobacco cessation

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Question Answer
counseling and medication together more effective than either one alone
smokers who quite can experience SE from supratherapuetic drug levels ofcaffine, theophylline, fluvoxamine, olanzapine, and clozapine.
vaccinations19-64 PSV23 and influenza
gum doses which to use1st cigg smoked >30 mins after wkaing up 2mg. less than 30 mins then 4mg
gum and lozenge are sugar free sobeen shown to reduce or delay weight gain/
must be how old18
buproprion moablocks reuptake of dopamine and/or NE resulting in reduced cravings.
varencycline -chantix moapartial neuronal alpha 4 beta 2 nicotonic agonist resulting in inhibition of nicotine binding
do chantix and buproprion need to be tapered when stopped?nope
buproprion start whenone week before quite date
max dose buprorpion300mg daily. take the two doses at least 8 hours apart.
SE bupropiondry mouth, insomnia. dissapear after a few weeks. 2nd dose can be taken 8 hrs after 1st to decrease insomnia.
buprorpin medguiderequired
nicotine patch should be work24 hrs but can take off at bedtime if insomnia/vivid dreams
chantix start when1 week before quite date
warning for chantixseizure risk, increased effects of alcohol
chantix SEnausea, medguide required
gum, inhaler, and lozenge avoidanything except water 15 mins before and during use
gum how to usechew slowly until a peppery or flavored taste emerges then park between cheek and gum. move around every so often 30 mins or until taste/tingle go away
gum 1 piece every 1-2 hrs for first 6 weeks
nicotine inhaler how to usecontinuous puffing for 20 mins. cartridge opened only good one day.
lozzenge how uselet dissolve no chew or swallow.
1 lozenge every1-2 hrs during first 6 weeks
nasal spray useno sniff, inhale, or swallow. head tilted slightly forward or level. wait 5 mins before driving.
patch useplace between neck and waist (upper body). apply as soon as wake up on quite day. 50% local skin rxn. rotate sites and hydrocrotisone cream.
chantix how takeafter eating and with full glass water
chantix serious thing can causeserious skin reactions