To be an Alphaman

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Question Answer
To be an Alphaman meansmore than just to wear a pin.
It requires intrinsic qualitiesthat are developed deep within.
It calls for lasting brotherhood,a word sometimes used in vain.
It means an honest devotion,not anticipation of personal gain.


Question Answer
Fraternity speaks of brotherly love,that's something to achieve,
It's more than just a grip of hands,it's an ideal to conceive.
You're proud to be an Alpha,and share her praises won,
Before you inflate yourself with pride,ask yourself, honestly, how much have I done?


Question Answer
To realize the wealth of personal satisfaction,from knowing you've given your all.
To have helped her cause unfalteringly,when you rally to her call.
To combine all these qualities,and root them deep within.
The product would be an Alphaman,deserving of his pin.


Question Answer
So take an honest inventoryof your character within,
And for every virtue you find missing,try and weave it in.
For a man without these virtuesisn't worth a grain of sand.
It's plain to see, it's more than just a pin,that makes an Alphaman