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Chronic Pain - Last ___ month longer than expected based on illness or injury1
BANG ran shin into coffee table. Next day - BANG rang shin into coffee table AGAIN and it hurts SO MUCH WORSE OMG DYINGhyperalgesia
BANG ran shin into coffee table. A soft gust of wind flows by and .. owww... I swear that wind hurt my shin.allodynia
Fibers that carry noxious stimuli that can damage tissue A-delta
T/F - A-delta fibers carry noxious stimuli, but no other A or B do, but about 50% of C can.T
Chronic pain carried by...C fibers
Cassie stuck her face in the bunsen burner. Which fiber?A-delta
Carla's back pain. Which fibers?C fibers
Are A-alpha or A-delta faster?A-alpha
Which fibers interconnects with limbic system?C fibers
C fibers can sensitize...WDR (spinal wind-up - dorsal horn)
3 pain pathwaysspinothalamic, spinoreticular, spinomesencephalic tracts
Which pain pathway is chronic pain?paleospinothalamic tract (i.e. the medial projection of spinothalamic)
Neuropeptides of painsubstance P & CGRP
Excitatory AA of painglutamate & aspartate
T/F - Norepinephrine, bradykinins, serotonin, histamine, & prostaglandins are all associated with pain.T
3 opioid receptorsmu, kappa, sigma
Opioids --- ___ analgesia --- ____ spinal analgesia w/o respiratory depression --- ___ excitation & dysphoriamu1, kappa, sigma
Opioids --- _____ respiratory depression, bradycardia, inhibition of GI motilitymu2 (constipated Mewtwo)
You rub your bruise. What are you messing with?descending control

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TMJ articulating surfaces - fibrocartilage or hyaline?fibrocartilage
Can get pinched between condyle and glenoid fossaretrodiscal tissue (blood, nerves, fat, lymph, collagen, elastic)
Holds jaw in slingMasseter + medial pterygoid
Right medial pterygoid contraction - jaw moves to the....left
Left medial pterygoid contraction - jaw moves to the...right
Can you palpate the lateral pterygoid?No ma'am!
Masticatory structures are innervated by the Trigeminal mainly, but also with contributions from...7, 9, 10, 11 and cervical nerves 2 & 3 (hence crossover of TMJ and neck pain)
THREE MAIN NERVES THAT SUPPLY THE TMJAuriculotemporal, deep temporal, masseteric
SUPPLY ANTERIOR PORTION OF TMJDeep temporal & masseteric nerves
MAIN BLOOD SUPPLY FOR TMJExternal Carotid artery
TWO ARTERIES THAT SUPPLY MoM & TMJSuperficial temporal artery & Internal maxillary artery (bifurcate from ECA at lvl of condylar neck)
Condyle articulating in thinnest, most asvascular portion of discCR (anterior-superior against posterior slope of articular eminence)
The most common TMJ irregularity detected by examination...clicking
T/F - About 1/3 of asymptomatic volunteers showed disc displacement on MRI.T
T/F - Steep mandibular fossas are associated with ADD, but it could also be an osseous response to ADD.T
Where does trigeminal sensory input converge in the CNS?spinal tract nucleus of the brain stem
General visceral afferents supply pressure receptors of carotid sinus. Which nerve?glossopharyngeal