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type of fibers that are myelinated and subdivided into subtypesA fibers
subtype of fibers that carry noxious stimuli that can damage tissueA-delta fibers
type of fibers responsible for chronic painC-fibers
two types of fibers that can carry pain, be specific with subtype if appropriateA-delta fibers and C fibers
these nerve fibers carry information related to proprioception (muscle sense).A-alpha fibers
these nerve fibers carry information related to touch.A-beta fibers
these nerve fibers carry information related to pain and temperature.A-delta fibers
these nerve fibers carry information related to pain, temperature and itch.C-fibers
the smallest diameter nerve fibersC-fibers
this type of nerve fiber nociception interconnects with the limbic system playing a role in emotional presentation of painC-fibers
rapid-conducting small fibers that carry initial pain nociceptionA-delta fibers
In neuropathic and chronic pain syndromes, the C fiber sensitizes a second high-threshold neuron, the ___ neuronWDR neuron
type of neuron that, when excited, interprets all input as painWDR neuron
location of WDR neuronDorsal horn of Spinal cord
TMJ Clicking only, with no pain... Anterior Disc Dislocation?Yes, with reduction
Does an MRI have IONIZING radiation?NO
suspected internal derangement and inflammatory disorders should be investigated by what type of imaging?arthrography MRI
T/F: Somatic pain always results from stimulation of nociceptors, owing to tissue injuryTrue
The ability of the nervous system to change its structure and function is called _____neuroplasticity
C-fiber innervation interconnects with the _____ system, playing a role in emotional presentation of chronic painLimbic System
Briefly describe the “rest position"determined by minimal muscle effort, condyle relatively central position in gleaned fossa, & teeth separated
Lower prevalence of TMD in oolder populations supports the hypothesis that TMD is self-limingTrue
T/F: clinician should recommend diagnostic imaging for TMJ when diagnosis and choice of treatment might benefitTrue
T/F: Occlusal adjustments can be justified as preventative or curative for TMDFalse
Which diagnostic scheme was intended to provide a means for standardizing data collection and comparing data between clinical investigators?a. RDC
The ability to assess details in multiplanar views makes what imaging method a unique tool for accurate and precise evaluation of dento-­‐alveolar structures?CBCT
T/F: complete resolution of pain after local anesthetic injection should prompt an investigation for a local cause of painTrue
Palpation of muscles should be done with muscles in a _____ stateRelaxed
T/F: MIO should be measure with a rulerTrue

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