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Intro/Lecture 1

Question Answer
a 1984 study found that ____% of its participants suffered pain in the last 2 weeks16%
greater than ____% of people reported significant jaw/dental pain experience in lifetime>81%
____ % of participants in a 1993 study (Lipton) reported acute or chronic orofacial pain in last six months22%
____ is defined as “An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage."Pain
____ is defined as, “The negative emotional/psychologic state occurs in response to or anticipation of nociception”Suffering
(Acute/Chronic) pain begins suddenly and usually does not last longAcute
(Acute/Chronic) pain lasts for weeks or monthsChronic
Acute pain is more closely associated with Axis ____ factors of painAxis 1 (physical factors)
Acute pain lasts for _____ months or less in duration6 months or less
t/f: pain chronicity implies psychopathologyFalse (more common, but do not assume)
(somatic/neuropathic) _____ pain always results from stimulation of nociceptors, owing to tissue injurySomatic
______ is increased perception of a painful stimulus following receptor sensitization (hallmark of somatic pain)Hyperalgesia
______ is perception of pain in response to a non-noxious stimulusAllodynia
(somatic/neuropathic/psychogenic) _____ pain ends when underlying tissue injury and inflammation is resolvedSomatic
(somatic/neuropathic/psychogenic) pain “initiated or caused by a primary lesion or dysfunction in the nervous system”Neuropathic
T/F: Neuropathic pain is rarely curedTrue
T/F: Neuropathic pain is usually curedFalse (rarely)
(somatic/neuropathic/psychogenic) pain is defined as the experience of mental suffering for which there is no organic disease or that the organic disease has become over elaborated in its psychologic, emotional, and behavioral significancePsychogenic
The location where the patient feels the pain is the ____ of painSITE of pain
area of the body from which the pain actually originates is the ____ of painSOURCE of pain
_____ system – is component of Spinothalamic tract that is responsible for medial projection and is Involved with chronic painPaleo-spino-thalamic system
_____ system – is component of Spinothalamic tract that is responsible for lateral projection and the rapid transmission of discriminative informationNeo-Spino-Thalamic system
Most opioids bind to ___ receptors at the dorsal horn of the spinal cord (and other areas)Mu receptors
Opioids binding to ____ receptors induce analgesiaMu1 (subtype)
Opioids binding to ____ receptors induce respiratory depression, bradycardia, inhibition of GI motilityMu2 (subtype)
Opioids binding to ____ receptors induce spinal analgesia without respiratory depressionKappa
Opioids binding to ____ receptors induce excitation and dysphoriaSigma
What are the three types of receptors that modulate pain and are affected by endogenous opioids in the dorsal horn of the spinal cordMu (subtypes 1 and 2), Kappa, and Sigma
_____ is defined as ability of the nervous system to change its structure and functionNeuroplasticity
T/F: neuroplasticity, in terms of pain, is maladaptiveTrue? (seems like neuroplasticity creates more pain, rather than diminishes it)

types of afferent nerve fibers

Question Answer
type of fibers that are myelinated and subdivided into subtypesA fibers
subtype of fibers that carry noxious stimuli that can damage tissueA-delta fibers
type of fibers responsible for chronic painC-fibers
two types of fibers that can carry pain, be specific with subtype if appropriateA-delta fibers and C fibers
these nerve fibers carry information related to proprioception (muscle sense).A-alpha fibers
these nerve fibers carry information related to touch.A-beta fibers
these nerve fibers carry information related to pain and temperature.A-delta fibers
these nerve fibers carry information related to pain, temperature and itch.C-fibers
the smallest diameter nerve fibersC-fibers
this type of nerve fiber nociception interconnects with the limbic system playing a role in emotional presentation of painC-fibers
rapid-conducting small fibers that carry initial pain nociceptionA-delta fibers
In neuropathic and chronic pain syndromes, the C fiber sensitizes a second high-threshold neuron, the ___ neuronWDR neuron
type of neuron that, when excited, interprets all input as painWDR neuron
location of WDR neuronDorsal horn of Spinal cord

matching Models of Pain

Question Answer
pains arise from somatic disease or structural damage, implied that if body is repaired then pain will ceaseMechanistic Model
Physical, psychological and social factors are mutually influential forces able to create an infinite number of pain experiencesBiopsychosocial Model
classification of pain factors into Axis 1(physical factors) and Axis 2 (psychological factors)Biopsychosocial Model


Question Answer
T/F: Somatic pain always is caused by mechanical stimulation of nociceptor fibersTrue

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