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What is the most basic of all principles of physical activity?Overload Principle
The amount of weight lifted dived by a persons body weight is known asRelative Strength
The F in the FIT formula stands forFrequency
The minimum amount of activity necessary to produce benefits is known as theThreshold of Training level
The number of recommended minutes for moderate physical activity in a week is 150 minutes/week
The device that allows you o count the number of steps you take in a day is a Pedometer
The short name or acronym for the measure of energy expended at rest is known as MET
RPE stands for Ratings of Perceived Exertion
The vessels that carry oxygenated blood throughout the body are known as Arteries
There are 3 types of vigorous physical activityVigorous Aerobics, Vigorous Recreational Activities, and Vigorous Sports
The best measure of cardiovascular fitness is known as V02 Max
The 3 types of muscle tissue in our bodysmooth,cardiac, and skeletal
According to the FIT formula, vigorous physical activity should be done3 days a week for 25 minutes at the appropriate intensity
Two main spots on your body to take your pulseCarotid artery and radial artery
Blood is sent to what part of the cardiovascular system to be oxygenated?Lungs
type of progressive resistance exercise that involves both concentric & eccentric movementsIsotonic Exercise
principle of exercise states that if activity is not continued on a regular basis any health gains may be lostPrinciple of reversibility
Activity that does not require a high level of skill to be successfulself promotional skill
type of isotonic progressive resistance exercise used to develop power and improve performanceplyometric exercise
type of progressive resistance exercise requires specialized equipment to keep the amount of resistance steadyisokinetic exercise
trying to remember too many things at once wen first performing a sports activityparalysis by analysis
muscle fibers are red in color and enhance muscular enduranceslow twitch
muscle fibers are white in color and enhance muscular strengthfast twitch
increase in the size of muscles and usually requires 8 weeks of regular progressive resistance exercise(strength training)hypertrophy

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