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Section 1

Question Answer
HealthOptimal well-being; more than freedom from disease
Malignant A type of cancerous tumor that may spread throughout the body
Behavioral A type of goal with specific, measurable, attainable and realistic expectation
Adherence Adopting and sticking with health behaviors
Predisposing Factors that make you more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle
LDLA lipoprotein that increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood
MaintenanceThe stage of change that must be carried our for an extended period of time
SEDSAcronym for a new medial condition that is a result of not enough physical activity
Contemplation The stage where a person starts thinking about changing a particular lifestyle
HypothermiaThe condition where the body temperature falls to dangerous levels
WarmupLight to moderate excerise done before workout
InsulinA hormone secreted by the pancreas that regulates levels of blood sugar

Section 2

Question Answer
Hyperthermia Excessively high body temperature caused by excessive heat production
HypokineticLack of activity or too little activity.
Fibrin Fat sticky substances that together with blood cells form a blood clot
EnablingFactors that help you carry out your plan
WellnessOne's quality of life; an integration of different dimensions
FitnessThe body's ability to function effectively and efficiently
StrokeA condition in which the brain receives insufficient blood supply
LifestylesPatterns of behavior or the way a person lives
Hypertension A condition where the blood has a difficult time getting through the arteries aka high blood pressure
Self-efficacy Confidence that you can carry and perform a specific task
DiastolicThe blood pressure known as the "resting pressure"
OsteoporosisA condition associated with low bone density
SympatheticThe part of the automatic nervous system that prepares the body by speeding up the heart
Reinforcing Factors that provide encouragement
ExcercisePhysical activity done for the purpose of becoming physically fit
HDLThis lipoprotein helps to lower blood cholesterol
DOMS (Helps describe muscle soreness after a vigorous exercise)Delayed onset muscle soreness