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Disparities in health” refers to differences in health across ethnic and income groups
What describes Wellness?Satisfaction with work and social relationships
Three priority healthy lifestyles?regular physical activity, sound nutrition, and stress management
What is health-related fitness associated with. give examplesassociated with good health: directly related to reduced risk of hypokinetic disease. Body composition, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and strength
Whst is skill-related fitness associated with? give examplesassociated with performance: agility, coordination, balance, reaction time, speed and power
Self-Management Skills (8) (SSS G PALM)Self-assessment, Self-monitoring, Self-planning, Goal setting, Performance Adopting, Learning Consumer Skills, Managing time and thus behavioral goals are easier to measure and monitor
T F Practicing one healthy lifestyle will directly lead you to practice another False
Adherence Adopting and sticking with healthy behaviors

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Enabling Factors that help you carry out your plan
Reinforcing factors Factors that provide encouragement/are important in adhering to lifestyle change because success generates continued behavior
overcoming barriersLearning to cope with problems such as a lack of facilities or inadequate equipment

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Warm-up +examplesLight to moderate exercise done before workout ex. aerobic activity and stretching
T F The stretching warm-up is intended to substitute for a regular program of stretching to build flexibility.False-- stretching EXERCISES do
Hyperthermia Excessively high body temperature caused by excessive heat production

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A factor that is true of exercise in the heatEvaporation of sweat is our primary mode of heat loss.
After an extensive, well designed exercise program resting heart rate should______reflecting a positive training adaptation Decrease
What is the primary purpose of a cardiovascular cool down?Minimize blood pooling and speed recovery

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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness results in microscopic tears in muscle tissue and occurs after a 24-48 hour period
sympathetic nervousThe part of the automatic nervous system that prepares the body by speeding up the heart
A person who is both overweight and fit has a____risk for premature death than thin and unfit Lower
HDLLlipoprotein that helps to lower blood cholesterol this a form of good cholesterol
LDLA lipoprotein that increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood
How is metabolic syndrome typically diagnosed?Presence of 3 or more clustered risk factors such as high blood pressure, large abdominal girth, high blood sugars, low blood HDL
atherosclerosisdisease in which lipids build up inside your arteries
Which of the following is true about activity and atherosclerosis?Regular activity can help to reduce blood lipid (LDL) levels (Atherosclerosis is a disease in which lipids builds up inside your arteries)

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T F Physical activity can reduce the risk of some cancers. true
Coronary Collateral CirculationThe development of additional arteries that bring oxygenated blood to the heart
Running up a hill to focus on strengthening the leg muscles for participation in a cross-country race is an application of which fitness principle?Specificity

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According to the activity pyramid, this type of activity can control body fatness and build cardiovascular fitness.Vigorous Aerobic Activities
Key Concepts of the Activity Pyramid Different types of PA can be combined to meet guidelines, extended periods of inactivity ca be harmful to health, eating well is an important factor related to PA, each activity has its own FIT formula
Best way to overcome a plateau in fitness?Additional overload to gain further benefits
Walking as an exercise can help reduceheart disease risk
Is normal blood pressure related to good metabolic fitness?yeeees
Cardiovascular fitness is considered the most important aspect of physical fitness becauseit reduces risks for chronic disease
Best exercise program to improve/maintain running fitness4 to 5 times a week for 30-40 mins at a time

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Which activities from the Activity Pyramid are most recommended for improving cardiovascular fitness?moderate physical activity &vigorous aerobics
What do you need to know to calculate heart rate reserve?resting and maximal heart rates
What is Vo2 Max?measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that an athlete can use/best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance
Ratings of Perceived Exertion aka RPE?An opinion scale used to determine exercise intensity during aerobic exercise
What are the coronary arteries responsible for?Bringing nourishment to the heart muscle
T F A 12 minute run test can be a good assessment for cardiovascular fitness.True

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Base of the activity pyramid consist of:walking, yard work, golf (lifestyle)
Which point was emphasized in the most recent physical activity guidelines(both the ACSM/AHA Guidelines and the DHHS Guidelines)?greater amounts of physical activity can provide additional benefits.
Aerobic activity is defined asrhythmical, using large muscles and performed in a continuous manner
Why are various forms of water exercise useful for cardiovascular fitness programs?Water provides an effective source of resistance for aerobic training.
How many METs for an activity to be considered vigorous6+ (3 below is light, in-between is moderate)

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T F Improving your performance skills has little to with helping you to enjoy participating in sportsfalse
T F Self-promoting activities allow us to avoid comparing our efforts to otherstrue
Group of factors that Promote Lifestyle Change (4)Personal, Predisposing, Enabling, Reinforcing
Individuals with a large percentage of fast twitch muscle fibers will generallyincrease muscle size and strength more quickly than those with a large percentage of slow twitch muscle fibers.
Concentric is the length of the ______muscle decreased
T F When a muscle is used, the muscle units that are used to perform the movement fire at 100%.true all-or-none law

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Leverage is an important mechanical principle that influences strength becausethe body uses a system of levers to produce movement.
What 3 factors affect muscle fitness performance?genetics, gender, and age
Pushing against an immovable object is an example of an _____________ workout.isometric or static
T F the relative strength of a women similar to that of mentrue
Benefits of progressive resistance training?improving muscle fitness
Core training uses a variety of types of exercise to build the core muscles of the body.true
T F Plyometrics is a type of isometric exercise primarily used for the development of power.false, its an isotonic exercise

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three types of stretching methodsStatic, Dynamic/Ballistic & Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
T F a benefit of flexibility exercises reduces risk of back paintrue
Static training thresholds that will improve flexibility includesHold stretch 15 seconds, perform 4 repetitions, 3 days a week.
T F Overstretching can cause injury or hamper performance.true
T F The FIT acronym does not apply to flexibility.false applies for every type of exercise
Static stretching involves holding a stretch for anywhere from 10-60 seconds.true
SELF-MANAGEMENT SKILLS (8) (SSS G PALM)Self-assessment skills, Self-monitoring skills, Self-planning skills, Goal-setting skills, Performance skills, Adopting coping skills, Learning consumer skills, Managing time