Tissue Membranes

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Tissue membranes are composed of Epithelium and connective tissue
Tissue membranes _______ and _______.cover body surfaces and line body cavities
Mucous membranesline cavities and tubes that open to the outside
composed of nonkeratinized Stratified Squamous of psudostrat, or simple columnar EP and a layer of areolar TissueMucous Membranes
_______ in the ET secreteMucus
Goblet cells in the epithelium ____ secrete mucus
Serous Membranesline body cavities that do nnot open to the outside
serous membranes _____ between organs and cavity wallsreduce friction
serous membrane reduces friction betweenorgans and cavity walls
Visceral membrane covers internal organs
parietal membrane lines body cavity
serous membrane is composed of _______ and a thin layer of _____simple squamous and areolar tissue
_____ secrete lubricating _______cells; serous fluid

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Question Answer
cutaneous membranecovers external surface of the body
cutaneous is composed of ____ & _____ & ______keratinized stratified squamous; areolar, dense irregular CT
Skin glands secretesweat and oils
_____ secrete sweat and oilsSkin glands
Skin isCutaneous membrane
Synovial Membranelines joints
composed entirely of areolar tissuesynovial membrane
covers internal organsvisceral membrane
lines body cavitiesparietal membrane
lines cavities and tubes that line to outsidemucous membrane
lines body cavities that don't open to outsideserous membrane
covers external surface of bodycutaneous membrane
lines jointssynovial membrane

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