Timelines for early modern Europe

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Summary of early modern history

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Age of growing religious conflictca. 1500-1618
Thirty Years' Warca. 1618-1648
Early Enlightenmentca. 1648-1715
Late Enlightenmentca. 1715-1800
English Revolutionca. 1640-60
French Revolutionca. 1789-99


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Growing religious conflictca. 1500-1618 Protestant-Catholic conflict grows, between and within nations
Thirty Years' Warca. 1618-48 The German states (aided by France, Denmark, and Sweden) successfully battle Austria (aided by Spain) for political/religious autonomy
Early Enlightenmentca. 1648-1715 France, under Louis XIV, flourishes as the mightiest European nation; the Early Enlightenment concludes with the War of the Spanish Succession
Late Enlightenmentca. 1715-1800 A five-way balance of power prevails in Europe; Britain wins the Seven Years' War, thereby becoming the global colonial superpower; the Enlightenment concludes with the French Revolution

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