Timeline of the Spanish Revolution

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September 1923King Alfonso XIII scraps parliamentary monarchy, installs a military dictatorship under General Miguel Primo de Rivera.
January 1930Faced with rising opposition, Primo de Rivera is replaced.
April 1931The left wins local elections. The king flees Spain. Crowds enthusiastically proclaim the new Republic.
October 1934Right wing government takes office. Armed miners rise and create the Asturian Commune. This is put down with immense ferocity - 80,000 jailed, 5,000 dead and 10,000 wounded.
1934-36The “two black years” of repression against the working class, peasants and the organised left.


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15 January 1936Popular Front pact - the workers’ parties accept a purely republican programme which fails to deal with social and economic questions.
16 FebruaryPopular Front wins election. General Francisco Franco and others insist that the government must never be allowed to assume office.
17 FebruaryIn Valencia workers storm prisons and force the release of left wing prisoners. Popular Front government takes office.
AprilGeneral strike in Madrid, spreading throughout Spain. Extreme right wing turns to bombings and terrorism. In just four months, 269 are killed and 1,287 are wounded in street fights. Rumours of a coup.
17-18 JulyFranco stages uprising. Popular Front government refuses to hand out arms. Socialist and anarchist union federations call general strikes.
19 JulyWorkers’ risings in several key cities defeat fascists. Armed workers control Barcelona.
26 JulyArrival of German Nazi and Italian fascist planes to support Franco.
14 AugustCapture of Badajoz, the first major victory for Franco’s Nationalists.
10 OctoberDecree creating the Popular Army out of workers’ militias.


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26 April 1937Bombing of Guernica. The brutality and anguish of this attack was captured in Picasso’s painting.
2-6 MayRioting in Barcelona brutally suppressed as the final act of restoring capitalist government.
16 JunePoum leaders arrested.
April 1938Nationalist forces divide Spain in two.
January 1939Franco marches into Barcelona unopposed.
28 MarchSurrender of Madrid. The dark age of Franco’s fascism begins.
1970 onwardsRecovery of the workers’ movement in Spain.
1975Franco dies. Worried about workers’ resistance, Franco’s heirs rush through democratic reforms.