Timeline Of Biochemistry

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Fredrick Meishcher1869- Discovery of DNA
Gregor Mendelwork in genetics, rediscovered in 1900
James Sumner1926-Purifies and crystalizes an enzyme (urease) and demonstrates that its a protein
Fritz Lipmann1914- Discovery of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
Thomas Hunt Morgan1926- "Theory of the Gene"
Hans Krebs1937- Citric Acid Cycle
Beadle and Tatum1941- "one gene, one enzyme hypothesis"
Avery and MacLeod1944- show DNA is the genetic material
Chargaff1950- Proposes DNA base pairing
Watson and Crick1953- Proposes Structure of DNA
Fredrick Sanger1953- Determine the sequence of insulin
Meselson and Stahl1957- demonstrates DNA replication is "semi-conservative"
John Kendrew and Max Perutz1960- Obtain first protein structure (myoglobin)
Jacob and Monod1961- Operon model of gene regulation
Nirenberg, Khorona1965- Elucidation of the genetic code
Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer1973- Prepare first recombinant DNA
Fredrick Sanger1977- develops chemistry for sequencing DNA
1985 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
1988Human Genome Project Starts
2000First draft of human genome
2010Deep sequencing and personal genomes
2013-2015First "synthetic" organisms"
2013-2017Genome editing technologies come of age

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