Three Branches of Government

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Section 1

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What does executive branch do?makes laws official
Who's head of this branch?the president
How is the head elected? by the country
How many terms do they have?2 terms (4 years each)
What can they do?Appoint or remove members of the cabinet and officials
Who else is part of this branch?Vice president
This branch contains p and vp EXECUTIVE

Section 2

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What does judicial branch do?check to see if laws are constitutional or unconstitutional
Whos head of this?Supreme Court
How many judges are there?Nine
How many terms do they have?terms are unlimited
Once they say's final no overruling

Section 3

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What does legislative branch do? makes laws
How many parts to this branch?Congress has two
What are the two parts?House of Representatives and Senate
How many senators are there?100 (2 from each state)
How many representatives are there?435 (based on population)
How many terms does senators have?6 year terms
How many terms do representatives have?2 years

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