Threats to ICT

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Give 5 external threats to DataTheft, hacking, virus, electrical disturbance (power cut), natural disaster.
Give 3 internal threats to DataDeliberate/ accidental damage, employee sabotage, accidental loss,
Give 3 software measures to protect against threatsusernames and passwords (prevents unauthorised access), antivirus software (updated and run regularly to detect new viruses), Firewall (control what data is allowed onto the system).
Give 3 hardware measures to protect against threatsSurge protection plugs (prevent hardware damage in event of an electrical disturbance), Lock doors (prevent theft), Attatch computers to workstations (prevents damage of falling/ being stolen).
Give 3 procedures to protect against threatsCreate backups (prevent data loss), update antivirus, regularly change passwords (make sure no one has access), train staff to reduce accidents (less mistakes), set a clear acceptable use policy (e.g. no external devices).

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