Things to Memorize Step 2CK

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Question Answer
lifts head/chest when prone2 months
coos, reciprocal vocalization2 months
social smile2 months
rolls front to back4 months
laughs and squeals4 months
grasps objects, moro and grasp gone4 months
sits unassisted6 months
babbles6 months
demonstrates stranger anxiety6 months
mama dada9 months
understands own name, stranger anxiety6 months
pulls to stand, cruises9 months
1-3 words/follows one step commands12 months
walks alone12 months
3-5 words15 months
24 monthsparallel play, jumps, refers to self by name
walks up/down steps2 years
rides tricycleage 3
copies a circleage 3
copies a cross4 years
copies a triangle5 years
uses spoon18 months
peekaboo9 months
drinks from a cup15 months
sits unassisted6 months
demonstrates stranger anxiety6 months
separation anxiety12 months
copies a circle3 years
copies a cross4 years
copies a triangle5 years


Question Answer
MEN 1primary hyperparathyroidism, pituitary tumors, pancreatic tumors
MEN2Amedullary thyroid cancer, pheo, parathyroid hyperpalacia
MEN2Bmedullary thyroid cancer, pheo, mucosal neuromas


Question Answer
first degree AV blocPR interval is prolonged
second degree type Iprogressive prolongation PR interval until P wave fails to conduct
second degree type IIp wave fails to conduct suddenly without preceding PR prolongation
third degree AV blockno correspondence between P waves and QRS complexes


Question Answer
CI goes upseptic shock
PCWP goes upcardiogenic shock
SVR goes downseptic shock
mixed venous oxygen saturation goes upseptic shock
PCWP goes upcardiogenic shock
right atrial pressure (preload) goes upcardiogenic shock


Question Answer
ACEIoligo, IUGR, renal failutre
carbamazepineNTD, microcephaly, fingernail hypoplasia
cocainebowel atresias, congenital malformations of heart, limbs, face, and GU tract, microcephaly, IUGR, cerebral infarctions
DESclear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina or cervix
leadincreased SAB rate
lithiumebstein anomaly
methotrexateincreased SAB rate
streptomycinhearing loss
tetracyclinepermanent yellow brown discoloration of teeth
thalidomidebilateral limb deficiences
valproatespinda bifida
vitamin Aincreased SAB


Question Answer
toxohydrocephalus, intracranial calcifications, chorioretinitis
rubellablueberry muffin rash, MR, PDA
CMVperiventricular calcifciations, petechail rash
HSVskin, eye and mouth infections
HIVfailure to thirve
syphillissnuffles, maculopapular rash, lymphadenopathy

MI location

Question Answer
anterior MILAD V1-V6
inferior MIRCA ST elevations II,III, AVF
posterior MIST depression leads V1-V3, ST elevation in leads I and aVL, ST depression in leads I and aVL
lateral MILCX
right ventricle MIRCA V4-V6R

Ovarian tumor markers

Question Answer
endodermal sinusAFP
embryonal carcinomaAFP, B-HCG
granulosa cellinhibin


Question Answer
anticholinergic excessdry mouth, blurry vision, hyperterhmia, urinary retention, decreased bowel sounds
give what in anticholinergic excessphysostigimine cholinesterase inhibitor
salicylate toxtinnitus, nausea, vomiting and fever
tx for salicylate toxalkalinization of urine w/sodium bicarb

Diabetes testing

Question Answer
fasting plasma glucosegreater than 126
HbA1Cgreater than 6.5
2hr OGTTgreater than 200
random plasma glucose plus symptomsgreater than 200


Question Answer
GBShigh protein, normal WBC, normal RBC, and normal glucose
bacterial, fungal and tubercular meningitiselevated protein, low glucose, elevated WBC count, PMNS for only bacterial, normal RBC count
viral meningitiselevated WBC, lymphocytes, normal RBC, normal glucose, slightly elevated protein
Herpes encephalitieshigh RBC and high protein normal WBC, normal glucose

Immunologic Blood Transfusions

Question Answer
fevers and chills within 1-6 hrs of transfusion, caused by cytokine accumulationfebrile nonhemolytic
fever, flank pain, hemoglobinuria, renal failure, and DIC, within 1 hour of transfusion, positive COOMBSacute hemolytic ABO incompatibility
mild fever and hemolytic anemia, positive COOMBSdelayed hemolytic caused by anamnestic antibody response
rapid onset of shock, angioedema, urticaria and respirtory distressanaphylactic caused by recipient anti-IgA antibodies
respiratory distress and signs of non-cardiogenic pulmonary edemaTRALI caused by donor anti-leukocyte antibodies

Peds immunodeficiencies

Question Answer
recurrent skin, mucosal bacterial infections, delayed umbilcal cord separations, neutrophilialeukocyte adhesion deficiency
severe infections, failure to thrive, leukopeniaadenosine deaminase deficiency form of SCID
strep pneumo, h flu and neisseria infectionscomplement deficiencies
recurrent sinopulmonary and G infectionsBrutons
multiple infections catalase positive organisms (staph aureus, serratia, burkholderia)CGD