Things To Know-Exam 2 Meth

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Question Answer
Breast injection dose200-500 uCi in 1mL per syringe
Melanoma injection dose<1 mCi
Melanoma number of injections/volume2-6, volume not exceed 0.25 mCl per site
Tilmanocept dose0.5 mCi
Tilmanocept MOLreceptor binding to CD-206 mannose on lymph nodes
Tilmanocept biodistributionlymph tissue/nodes, liver, kidneys, bladder
Missing liver on tilmanocept meanslymphatic blockage
Lympho rphxFILTERED Sulfur Colloid
Lympho dose200 uCi - 2 mCi (2-6 injections)
Lymphoscitigraphy is ___diagnon-diagnostic
NHL is tumor ofB or T lymphocytes
Hodgkin's lymph arises from a1single lymph node/lymphatic tissue
NHL involvesmultiple peripheral lymph nodes
NHL spreads toliver, bone marrow, and spleen
how many types of NHL30
NHL treatmentchemo, radiation, and/or bone marrow transplant
Hodgkin's is enlargement oflymph nodes, liver, and spleen
Hodgkins treatmentchemo and radiation
Excessive PTH/hypercalcemia causeskidney stones
Hypoparathy must be off calcium/pth meds for scanTrue (1-4 weeks)
80% of Primary hyperparathyroidism fromadenoma
Secondary hyperparathyroidism caused byrenal failure
Thallium or tech first for parathyroid?Thallium because of energies
Parathyroid thallium dose2-3 mCi
Parathyroid TcO4 dose5-10 mCi
Parathyroid sestamibi dose15-30 mCi
Parathy Negative Tl studyno increased Thallium within or outside normal thyroid tissue
Parathy Positive Tl studyareas of increased Tl within and outside normal thyroid tissue
Sestamibi imaging times (parathy)15 minutes, 2 hour, 4 hour
Mibi parathy negative studydelay no focal uptake
Mibi parathy positive studyfocal areas on delays
Local level meansno spread
Regional level meansspread to next lymph node
Normal PSA0-6ng/mL
Prosta eval ofrecurrent or residual prostate cancer
Prostascint rphxIn-111 Chloride Capromab Pendetide
Prosta dose5-7 mCi injected slowly
Prosta immediate imaging done to distinguishbetween blood flow and lymphatic system
Prosta imaging times96 hours (ideal), options immediate, 48, 72, 120 hours
Dual option for prostaUltratag
Neuroendocrine tumors arise fromendocrine and nervous systems
Neuroendocrine tumors are primarilyadrenal
Paragangliomaadrenal tumor composed of neural crest cells
Carcinoidslow growing -- PET can't detect
Medullary thyroid caneuroendo
Gastronomatumor found in the pancreas & duodenum. assoc. with peptic ulcers
Carcinoid is aneuroendo tumor
Neuroendo uses rphxOctreoscan
Octreoscan molsomatostatin receptor binding
Somatostatin is a ___, not a ____peptide, antibody
Octreo dose6 mCi
Octreo rphxIn-111 Pentetreotide
Octreo imaging times4 & 24 hours
Octreo negative studyliver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, bowel, thyroid, possible breast (4 hour)
Adrenal medulla tumorspheochromocytoma and neuroblastoma
I-131 mIBG dose500 uCi - 1 mCi
I-123 Iobenguane sulfate dose10 mCi
mIBG MOLactive transport
Adrenal medulla tumors rphxmIBG
adrenal imaging times24, 48, 72 hours
30% new Lung Ca casessolitary pulmonary nodule
Osteoblastsmaking new bone
Osteocytemature cell from osteoblast
Axial skeletonspine, ribs, skull, sternum
Ribs24, 12 pairs

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