THERIO L4-5 Pharm of Abortion Parturition

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Pharmacologic Agents for pregnancy termination

Question Answer
pharm agents for terminating pregnancy (4)1. PGF2a
2. Corticosterioids
3. Estrogen
4. Oxytocin
when is CL sensitive to PGF2a?5-7 days after ovulation
PGF2a causing abortion from 5 days after ovulation to ____?day 150
when does PGF2a induce parturition?final month of pregnancy --> day 250
when do glucocorticoids/corticosteroids induce abortion? what must they be combined with?during 150-250 days combined with prostaglandin
when do glucocorticoids/corticosteroids induce parturition?final month of pregnancy --> day 250
estrogen causes luteolysis & abortion when?0-150 days
estrogen can aid speed of induction of parturition with combined with what?glucocorticoids
oxytocin interferes with CL formation when?2-7 days after estrus

Pharma for induction of Parturition

Question Answer
Indications for induction of parturition (4)1. seasonal calving (Zealand)
2. management/manpower/facilities considerations
3. health of cow
4. reduce calf size
3 categories of drugs for inducing parturition in cow1. long lasting corticosteroids
2. short acting corticosteroids
3. prostaglandins
calves cannot be born more than ______ weeks prematurely or else they have reduced viabilityno more than 2 weeks ... need accurate breeding date
what are long acting corticosteroids?insoluble esters
what are short acting corticosteroids?soluble esters
long acting corticosteroids - ALL 5 points1. injected 1 month prior to due date
2. parturition occurs in 4-26 days
3. lower incidence of retained placenta than other methods
4. high calf mortality
5. Dexamethasone trimethylacetate, Triamcinolone acetonide, Flumethasone suspension, Betamethasone suspension
long acting corticosteroids are injected when?1 month prior to due date
long acting corticosteroids causes parturition when after inj. ?4-26 days
long acting corticosteroids cause a lower incidence of _______ than other methods of parturition?retained placenta
long acting corticosteroids cause high calf ____?mortality
long acting corticosteroids drugs (4)Dexamethasone trimethylacetate
Triamcinolone acetonide
Flumethasone suspension
Betamethasone suspension
short acting corticosteroids - ALL 5 points1. injected within 2 weeks of due date
2. parturition in 1-3 days
3. no increased risk of calf mortality
4. high % RP
5. dexamethasone, flumethasone, betamethasone
short acting corticosteroids are injected when to induce parturition ?within 2 weeks of due date
short acting corticosteroids cause parturition when?within 1-3 days
short acting corticosteroids what is the risk of calf mortality?NONE! :)
short acting corticosteroids high or low risk of retained placenta?HIGH :(
short acting corticosteroids drugs? (3) Dexmethasone
Prostaglandins have similar results as what type of drugs?short acting corticosteroids
prostaglandins have similar results as short acting corticosteroids.. what are they?inj within 2 weeks of due date
parturition within 1-3 days
NO increased calf mortality
High % of RP
Prostaglandin Drugs (3)1. PGF2a 2. Cloprostenol 3. Fenprostalene