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Your patient complains of ringing in the ears, being nauseated and having cold clammy skin. The most likely cause isHypotension
What is a likely cause for dysrhythmias (irregular heartbeat)?Hypotension, heart disease, or rapid changes in serum potassium
In what position should you place a patient who experiences intradialytic hypotension?Flat supine
What precautions must be used when handling and packaging lab specimen?Universal precautions
Lavender tubes must beMust be inverted a minimum of 8-10 times to properly mix and avoid clotting
If a tube breaks in the centrifuge you mustDiscard the sleeve and remove the opposing sleeve
The nephrologist has written orders to begin cannulating a patient’s new AVF. Per NFACT, only advanced cannulators are to insert needles into a new AVF. Who is the correct teammate to cannulate the AVFLilly has completed all competencies listed on NFACT Skills Checklist and also has expert assessment and cannulation skills documented
The nephrologist has ordered 16 gauge needles and a 400 BFR for your patient. YouAsk the nephrologist to order 15 gauge needles for the ordered BFR
Your patient prefers two places on her AVG to insert the needles because they hurt a lot less than when you cannulate different sites. You tell the patientInserting the needles into the same small area can over time damage your graft

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