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A patient’s protein status is affected by nutritional and non-nutritional factors. What can you do to prevent a drop in your patients’ albumin?Prevent healthcare associated infections (HAIs)
Calciphylaxis is a consequence of which out-of-range labs?Calcium, Phosphorus, and PTH
How do phosphate binders work?They prevent the phosphorus in food from being absorbed when taken with meals
What is your main priority when returning a patient’s blood with the hand crank during a power outageYou must be vigilant in watching for air in the blood lines
Your patient dialyses for four hours with a blood pump speed of 400 ml/min. What is his calculated Blood Volume Processed (BVP) at the end of the treatment?96,000 ml or 96 liters
What problem will cause an increase in the patient’s venous pressure?A clot in the drip chamber
Why are thirst control and limiting interdialytic weight gains a shared responsibility between the healthcare team and the patientCare givers can contribute to sodium loading during dialysis causing increased thirst and fluid intake between treatments
Preventing hypotensive episodes during the dialysis treatment is important because they are associated withA higher mortality rate
What does the term “Wet Crash” mean?Fluid overload overstretches the heart muscle tissue resulting in decreased cardiac output and low BP
Which of the following factors would influence the K of the Kt/V formula?Blood volume processed (BVP)

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It is important that patients stay for their entire treatment time because adequate dialysis replacesLess than 15% of normal kidney function
Waiting only five seconds between lowering the blood pump speed and drawing the post treatment blood sample couldCause the Kt/V reading to be falsely high
Single dose medications should be prepared and administered within\4 hours
When a patient requests Pain Ease spray to numb the cannulation sites the appropriate time to clean the sites isBefore applying the spray
Your patient asks whether it is OK to take an over-the-counter cold remedy. What is your appropriate response?Let’s ask your nephrologist what she recommends will be a safe medication for you
Why is Carbon Filter off-line monitoring so important?There are no lights or alarms to indicate they are exhausted
What is the acceptable limit for Total Chlorine in the water leaving the carbon filter?0.1 mg/L or less
Which is the primary device for purifying the water used in dialysis?The reverse osmosis
What are the Conditions for Coverage?CMS regulations that dialysis providers must meet to become and stay certified
What can be the most likely result if the surveyor sees a patient with a covered vascular access?An Immediate Jeopardy
To assist in survey readiness you shoulda. Know and follow policies and procedures,Be accountable and take initiatives,Live out our Mission and Core Values,All of the above

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