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If a patient with acute kidney injury dialyses in the outpatient facility, one task of the patient care teammates is to monitor blood pressure and weight closely. Why is this important?Hypovolemia and hypotensive episodes can cause renal ischemia and can further damage the kidneys
Chronic renal failure can have its origin pre-renal, intra-renal, or post renal. Which of the following conditions is an intra-renal cause of CRFHypertension
Knowing what caused your patients’ CRFIs important because the underlying disease could cause health complications that can impact the dialysis treatment
Fluid overload and hypertension lead to left ventricular hypertrophy. This meansHypotensive episodes are more likely to occur during the dialysis treatment
Your role in CKD-MBD management includesReminding the patient who is eating a snack during dialysis to take his phosphate binder
Your role in anemia management includesRinsing back as much of the patient’s blood as you can at the termination of each treatment
The transport mechanism when particles move from an area of higher solute concentration to an area of lower solute concentration is calledOSMOSIS
During dialysis, the movement of bicarbonate from the dialysate into the bloodHelps normalize body pH
The kidneys excretory functions includeNormalizing electrolytes
When is a pre-treatment assessment by the licensed nurse required? Check all that apply!a. When it is mandated by the state

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If a patient had an adverse reaction within the first couple of minutes after treatment initiation, yet no pre-treatment data had been entered into the computerThere is no proof that pre-treatment safety checks were completed or that the patient had been properly assessed
Which of the following is a Data Collection?Heart rate: 72

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