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Which is an underlying assumption of self-management?People who understand and take control of their condition will be healthier and happier
To provide helpful information and trainingCare providers must be aware of the patient’s health literacy
Which of the following may distract a visual learner’s attention?Providing background music
The Guiding Communication style is best usedTo help patients find their own solutions
When a healthcare practitioner automatically intervenes when observing a patient doing something detrimental to his healthThe healthcare practitioner gave in to the righting reflex
Behavior change is best elicited throughUnderstanding the patient’s motivations
What is the most frequent infectious complication in dialysis patients?Bacterial vascular access infections
Which infectious disease requires frequent handwashing instead of using alcohol based hand gels?Active Clostridium difficile infection
Contact transmission is the most important route through which infections are spread. Contact transmission is defined asTransmission of microorganisms through healthcare workers hands
When a PCT documents the extend of a patient’s edema, for example as +3The PCT is performing an assessment which is not allowed legally

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When a patient has an irregular heartbeatThe automated oscillometric BP reading may not be accurate
A patient presents with an elevated temperature after the initiation of dialysis. This is most likely due toA pyrogenic reaction

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