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Question Answer
PTCH mutationNevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma
PTCH mutation, multiple OKCsNevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma
Expansile lesion treated w/ resection in teenagersUnicystic ameloblastoma
Monoclonal protein detected by electrophoresisMultiple Myeloma
Multiple Myeloma age ____60+yo
Birbeck granulesLangerhan's Cell disease
Young child w/ diffuse periodontitisLangerhan's Cell disease
Microscopic view of Langerhan's cell diseaseeosinophilic granulomas
Most common multilocular radiolucency of the jawAmeloblastoma
Are ameloblastomas aggressive?yes
Radiographic lucencies + biopsy shows giant cell granulomashyperparathyroidism is possible
Young child w/ bilateral multilocular radiolucencies, positive family hx, asymptomaticCherubism
Must aspirate radiolucent lesions in order to rule out...hemangioma
Differential dx to "chronic apical periodontal cyst"...cemento-osseous dysplasia
Name 2 complications associated with cemento-osseuos dysplasia.1. Traumatic bone cyst 2. Infection
Does cemento-osseous dysplasia pose malignancy risk?no
Is diabetes insipidus a characteristic of McCune-Albright Syndrome?no
A female teenager anterior maxilla radiolucency, expansileadenomatoid odontogenic tumor
Cementoblastoma - pain?yes
Cementoblastoma - attached to the tooth....root
Mixed odontogenic tumor in kidsameloblastic-fibro-odontoma
Can be associated with hamartoma....odontoma
Most common CHARACTERISTIC of a malignancy in the jaw...moth eaten
Osteosarcoma - widening of PDL?yes
Lichen planus - symptomatic?possibly
Subepithelial cleftingpemphigoid
Suprabasal clefting pemphigus
How to you differentiate between pemphigoid and pemphigus?histologically
Autoantibodies against intercellular cementing proteinspemphigus
Pemphigoid - lethal?no
Has IgG deposits along the basal layer in the immunofluorescencepemphigoid
Erythema multiforme can be elicited by...herpes
Stevens-Johnson syndrome - associated with...erythema multiforme
CREST - associated systemic sclerosis
Erosion of mandibular anglesprogressive systemic sclerosis
Progressive systemic sclerosis - widening of PDL?yes
30yo male presents w/ 1 week hx of malaise and oral lesions.agranulocytosis and ANUG
64yo female presents with burning tongue and xerostomia. Physician revealed occult blood in patient's stool. megaloblastic anemia
Icterussickle cell anemia
Ground glasshyperparathyoidism and fibrous dysplasia
Most common clotting factor deficiency.vWF

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