The Syrian Civil War

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SunnisMembers of one of the main two branches of Islam and the majority of Syrians
SalafistsSunni Muslims who strive to create a new word orders modeled on early Islam. They view anyone else as a heretic
ShabihaMara-Like group that worked in cooperation with the Syrian government to attack peaceful protesters when the uprising broke out in 2011
Rebelsthose fighting to overthrow the Syrian government and replace it with a more democratic one
Democratic Union Party (PYD)a Kurdish military force fighting to defend its traditional homeland from the government forces and ISIS. Kurds are an ethnic minority with strong roots in northern Syria
Jabhat-al-NursaSyrian rebel force fighting to overthrow the government and is connected to the extremist Islamic terrorist network al-Qaeda
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)Islamic terrorist group
FSA (Free Syrian Army)non-religious Syrian rebel force fighting to overthrow the Assad government and bring democracy to Syria
Assad Regimegovernment of Syria
Alawitesmembers of an offshoot sect of Shi'a Islam and hold key positions in the Syrian government and military

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regimean authorial government
millitasmilitary force that engages in revel or terrorist actives in opposition to a regular government
rebela person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against and established government
secularof or related to worldly things or that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred
jihadista jihadistIslamist militant movements perceived as military movements "rooted in Islam" and threatening to the West
IslamificationConverting to Islam
Sectgroup of people with different religious beliefs from the majority

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When did the Syrian Civil War begin ?2011
why did the Syrian Civil War begin ?due to peaceful protesters protesting the arrests and torture of a group of teenagers whose sole crime was writing anti-government graffiti on a wall
what happened when the Syrian people called on President Bashar al-Assad to make democratic reforms because of the incident with the teenagers?he responded with violence
Why did rebel militas form in order to take down Assad?it became clear that the Assad regime was not going to back down and that the unharmed protesters were no match for the government's guns and tanks
What was one of the first rebel groups ?Free Syrian Army
what help did the FSA gain?Western nations such as the US and other, more religious, militia groups
why did the FSA gain the backing of Western nations ?because of their moderate political ideology

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What did the Western nations fear?Islamification and that Syria would become jihadist terrorists