The Scientific Revolution and The Enlightenment

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Question Answer
Greek astronomer expanded geocentric theoryPtolemy
Polish cleric and astronomer created heliocentric theoryCopernicus
Danish astronomer recorded movements of planets and collected lots of dataBrahe
assistant of Brahe; discovered planets move in elliptical movements around sunKepler
Italian scientist built telescope and discovered what Copernicus said to be true and was persecuted by the churchGalileo Galilei
helped create the scientific method; English statesman and writerBacon
helped create scientific method; French scientist and mathematician Descartes
Explained Law of GravityIsaac Newton
social contract; thought people were wicked; absolute monarchyHobbes
positive view of human nature; government's power comes from consent of governedLocke
tolerance, reason, freedom of religion and speech; fought against clergy, aristocracy, and governmentVoltaire
political liberty; separation of powers; proposed checks and balancesMontesquieu
individual freedom; civilization corrupts natural goodness and destroys freedom and equality, direct democracy, "general will"Rousseau
criminal justice; no torture, speedy trialBeccaria
women need education and should be virtuous and usefulMary Wollstonecraft