The rise of the city states

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Section 1

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poliscity state
citizenwould meet make laws and discuss issues affecting the entire community
acropolisa word meaning high city
politics he art and practice of a government
aristocracy a hereditary class of rulers

Section 2

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tenant farmer people who paid rent either money or crops to grow on another persons land
metic Greek from another city state or someone who was not Greek
slavery is the ownership and control of people as property

Section 3

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oligarchy political power is by a small group of small people
phalanxa formation of heavily armed soldiers who moved together as a unit
tyrannya government run by strong leaders
democracy which means ruled by people
citizenship is a membership in a community
direct democracy is to participate directly in decision making
representative democracy citizens elect others to represent them in government

Section 4

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ephor who were responsible for the day to day operation of the government
helot messenians became helots
military state a society organized for the purpose of waging in war
barracks a military housing place