The Problem of Evil

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Section 1

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The Inconsistent Triad =God is all loving and all powerful yet evil exists
Natural Evil ExampleEarthquake
Moral Evil ExampleMurder
Diminished Responsibility ExamplesGlobal Warming and Mental illness
Spiritual Evil ExampleDevil

Section 2

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Premise 1Evil and suffering exist
Premise 2God is all loving and all powerful
Premise 3If God existed he would stop evil and suffering

Section 3

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Augustine's TheodicyGod is perfect and created humans with free will. Sin and death entered the world because of 'The Fall'. All of humanity experiences these consequences because we were seminally present in Adam's loins. Natural evil is a consequence.
Logical error1) Evil can't be described as an absence of good. 2) Evil is done by us, if God is all powerful shouldn't he be able to control us?
Scientific error1) Humans have evolved and weren't created perfectly. 2) Suffering existed before human life e.g dinosaurs
Moral error1) Not fair for innocent people to suffer. 2) God must have forseen suffering and created hell

Section 4

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Irenaeus's TheodicyHumans are created in the image of God but in a immature state, we gain experience through mistakes and suffering so that we can

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