The Ontological Argument

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Is the argument a priori or a posteriori; is it analytic or synthetic?A priori, and analytic.
From what position does Anselm approach his argument?'Faith seeking understanding.'
With what Biblical passage does Anslem start the argument, and what does it say?Psalm 14:1, and "Fools say in their hearts: 'There is no God'."
What separates different ontological arguments?Their definition of God.
Who are the main contributors to the ontological argument?St. Anselm of Canterbury and René Descartes.
In which chapter of which text did Anselm originate the classical argument?Chapter 2 of 'Proslogion'.
Of what fallacy is Anselm's argument guilty?'Begging the question'.
What are the two separate arguments of Anselm?That He exists and is necessary, respectively.
What is the opposite of necessary existence?Contingent existence.
What are alternative ways of saying 'in the mind' and 'in reality'?'In intellectu' and 'in re', respectively.


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In which work does Descartes present his ontological argument?His fifth Meditation on Philosophy.
As what does Descartes define God?‘A supremely perfect being’.
What does Descartes say existence is?A predicate.
To Descartes, saying God does not exist is equivalent to saying what?A triangle does not have three sides.
What does Descartes argue in his third Meditation on Philosophy?God has placed in every person the idea of God.
What word does Descartes use to describe both God and a triangle, and what does this mean?Immutable, and unchanging.
Which contemporary of Descartes presented a counter-argument to Descartes, and what was it?Pierre Gassendi, and it is only relevant to discuss perfection of something if it is established it exists first.


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How does Plantinga respond to Gaunilo of Marmoutier’s argument?He says islands have no 'intrinsic maximum' in regards to their qualities of wealth, treasures and beautiful scenery.
What's the island guy called, and what was he?Gaunilo of Marmoutiers, and a Benedictine monk.
What is Gaunilo of Marmoutiers's argument entitled?'On Behalf of the Fool'
What is the first thing that Gaunilo of Marmoutiers says in his refutation?A fool could have in mind all sorts of things which don't exist, like a fictitious person stemming from gossip.
What is the second thing that Gaunilo of Marmoutiers says in his refutation?You can't define something into existence.
What two phrases link to Gaunilo of Marmoutiers's argument which he would say do not always correlate, and what do they mean respectively?'De dicto' and 'de re', and what is said and what exists in reality.
What is the person arguing against Gaunilo of Marmoutier called?Alvin Plantinga.
What is Kant's first refutation?That definitions and reality are different things.
What is Kant's second refutation?'Existence is not a predicate'.
Why does 'X does not exist' present us with a paradox?How can something that doesn’t exist lack a property?
Which saint rejected Anselm's argument, and why?St. Thomas Aquinas, and God's existence can only be successfully argued empirically.

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