The Northern Region of Thailand

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Question Answer
What minerals can be found in the nothern region?Lignite and Kaolin
What is it used for?It used forr power generation and the industrial production of ceramics.
Where can can you find it? Mae Moh District of Lumphang Province and Li District of Lamphun Province
What festival does the northern region mostly have?Yi Peng Festival
Where is it mostly occured?It is mostly occured in Chiang Mai province.
What language they mostly use in the northern region?Lanna Alphabet
What does the woman wears in their dress fashion?Sarong
What does the man wears in their dress fashion?Mauhom
What are the two other festivals does the northern region people mostly have?The Poi Sang Long Festival of Tai Yai ethnic, Sulung Luang Festival
Where are they mostly occured?In Lampang Province