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FERAHelped states to provide aid for the unemployed.
PWA Created jobs on government projects.
CWA Provided work in federal jobs.
WPA Quickly created as many jobs as possible—from construction jobs to positions in symphony orchestras
NYA Provided job training for unemployed young people and part-time jobs for needy students.
EBRA Banks were inspected by Treasury Department and those stable could reopen.
Wagner Act Defined unfair labor practices and established the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to settle disputes between employers and employees.
Fair Labor Standards ActEstablished a minimum hourly wage and a maximum number of hours in the workweek for the entire country. Set rules for the employment of workers under 16 and banned hazardous factory work for those under 18.
Social Security Administration Provided a pension for retired workers and their spouses and aided people with disabilities.

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EBRA Banks were inspected by Treasury Department and those stable could reopen.
FDIC Protected bank deposits up to $5,000. (Today, accounts are protected up to $250,000.)
NRA Established codes of fair competition.
SECSupervised the stock market and eliminated dishonest practices.
Banking Act of 1935 Created seven-member board to regulate the nation’s money supply and the interest rates on loans.
FDC Required manufacturers to list ingredients in foods, drugs, and cosmetic products.

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AAAregulated crop production, cost more made less gov paid farmers to do it
TVACreated damps
HOLC Loaned money at low interest to homeowners who could not meet mortgage payments.
FHA Insured loans for building and repairing homes.
USHA Provided federal loans for low-cost public housing.