The Nervous System PRSHS

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The involuntary portion of the nervous system that is involved in maintaining homeostasisAutonomic Nervous System (ANS)
A neuron process that carries impulses away from the cell bodyAxon
The portion of the nervous system composed of the brain and spinal cordCentral Nervous System (CNS)
A muscle or glandEffector
A group of neuron cell bodiesGanglion
A wave of depolarization passing over a neuron or muscle fiberImpulse
The fatty insulating substance around many axonsMyelin Sheath
A bundle of neuron processesNerve
The outer membrane covering the myelin sheathNeurilemma
Supportive and protective cells within the nervous systemNeuroglial Cells
A nerve cellNeuron
A chemical secreted by an axon that triggers the formation of an impulse in the postsynaptic neuronNeurotransmitter
Portion of the nervous system composed of cranial and spinal nervesPeripheral Nervous System (PNS)
Portion of PNS that responds to certain stimuli by forming impulsesReceptor
An involuntary response to a stimulusReflex
Voluntary portion of the nervous system that is involved in conscious activitiesSomatic Nervou System (SNS)
Junction between a neuron and another cellSynapse

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What are the divisions of the nervous system?Anatomical Divisions & Functional Divisions
What are the divisions of the anatomical division?Central Nervous System & Peripheral Nervous System
What are the divisions of the functional division?Sensory Division & Motor Division
What are the divisions of the motor division?Somatic Nervous System & Autonomic Nervous System
Neuroglial cells that healSchwann Cells
Neuroglial cells that form the myelin sheath of myelinated neuronsOligonendrocytes
Neuroglial cells that clean tissueMicroglial Cells
Neuroglial cells that bind neurons to blood vessels, provide structural support, and stimulate growth of neuronsAstrocytes
Neuroglial cells that protectEpendymal
The weakest stimulus that will activate a neuronThreshold Stimulus
How many neurontransmitters have been found?40
Active impulses; acetylcholine & norepinephrineExcitatory Neurotransmitters
Stops impulsesInhibitory neurotransmitters